EPIKGO Sport High Speed On- & Off-Road HoverboardBased in the Silicon Valley, EPIKGO is a leading name in the world of hoverboards. The new EPIKGO SPORT off-road hoverboard is designed with a central focus on safety and durability. This hoverboard is intended for all-terrain use and has smart features that can easily outdo its competitors in the market. The hoverboard is also designed for transport rather than recreation alone and is ideal for professionals and amateurs alike. With free shipping, the hoverboard comes for $599.99 on Amazon which would save you around $300 on an overall basis. Although the price may seem to be a bit hefty, the hoverboard is every bit worth its price.

Features of the EPIKGO Sport Off-Road Hoverboard

  • This is a self-balancing scooter and is exclusively designed for traveling while keeping power, safety as well as riding experience as the central focus
  • The hoverboard can give more coverage than an average hoverboard and can be used on all types of terrain. It also lets you pull off some stunts without putting extra strain on the components
  • It has 8.5-inch alloy wheels combined with a powerful motor. This gives it the toughness to withstand multi-environment world. The hoverboard can be used over sand, gravel, mud, and grass.
  • The body is highly waterproof which makes it possible to use the hoverboard over wetlands and harsh rainy weather without running the risk of electrical short circuits
  • It gives a comfortable ride at all speeds. The ride is also not bumpy irrespective of the terrain you are using it on
  • It can offer a maximum speed of up to 10 MPH
  • The off-road hoverboard can handle steep slopes with an inclination of up to 18 degrees
  • It has powerful 800-watt motors where an average hoverboard would have 300-watt motors
  • The speed is enhanced due to the streamlined racing tires used on both the wheels
  • It has a large motherboard which reduces the risk of malfunction due to shock or vibration
  • It has anti-slip tires which keep friction at an optimum level while riding over the wet roads. You will neither be going too fast nor too slow

Comparing with the other EPIKGO Hoverboards

EPIKGO Off Road Hoverboard Comparison

The EPIKGO hoverboards come in two classes. The Sport models and the regular models. The sports models are focused on swifter travel while the classic models can challenge rougher terrain. Now, this does not mean that you cannot go off-road with your Sport hoverboard. It is still very well suited for the task, but if you are looking for something to travel quickly in the city-scene, you are better off with the Sport models. The differences between the EPIKGO Sport & the EPIKGO Sport Plus are not that big.

The Sport-model has slightly less power thus disabling it from climbing slopes steeper than 15 degrees.It also has a shorter battery lifespan, which means you can travel around 10 miles compared to 12 miles with the EPIKGO Sport Plus model. It does not have the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play music while riding either, but that is nothing a phone won’t solve.

Furthermore, the sports models have performance tires rather than all-terrain tires. Although both types can compete with each other’s strong points, they are more suited for one task. Sport models will be slightly better in the city scene while the Classic and Premier models will go better against the wildest terrain you can imagine. No matter which product you settle for, you will get a high-end product to be proud of.

Closer Look at the EPIKGO Sport Scooter

  • The hoverboard has a UL 2272 certification and has passed all the 159 tests which are considered as the safety standards by the American government
  • It is powered by LG smart army grade batteries and is safe from overheating, fire and sparking
  • The EPIKGO SPORT is double as powerful as the average hoverboard
  • It offers a stable and controlled ride under all riding conditions
  • The off-road hoverboard has a more substantial foot space which makes balancing easier
  • It is water resistant, sturdy, fireproof and can, therefore, be used under the sun as well as the rain
  • It has a very sporty and aggressive design. This refreshing look makes the Epikgo Sport more popular than most other hoverboards in the market. They also increase the thrill of riding and user satisfaction.EPIKGO Sport All-terrain hoverboard
  • It has the IP56-certification for being waterproof. This certification gives an assurance that the machine won’t go dribbling when used over watery lands
  • The batteries used in the hoverboard are UL2271 certified. This ensures that the board does not come under potential electrical fire hazards, primarily when used for a prolonged period
  • The batteries used in the EPIKGO SPORT are the same as those used in electric cars
  • It takes around 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged and offers good power retention. The batteries also do not get damaged due to overcharging, over discharging or imbalanced charging.
  • One full charge would last you one whole hour while going at a speed of 10 mph

What makes the EPIKGO Sport Unique

  • Unlike most other hoverboards that do not have any indicator to display the charging status, EPIKGO SPORT comes with three points green indicator. If all the three indicators are glowing, it denotes that the battery has been fully charged. If only one of the indicator is glowing, it means that you will have to put the hoverboard to charge
  • The battery level indicators come handy during long distance travels where you are required to make optimum use of the battery to gain as much coverage as possible
  • The hoverboard has a motor placed on each of its wheels. Each engine is powered by 400 Watts which makes it a total of 800 Watts
  • The wheels are protected with alloy covers. This protects it against the damage due to rough external conditions. Unlike plastic wheels, they do not get broken easily and also protect the interior components
  • The board has an ABS casing, which protects it from crashes and shocks. The high-grade housing also protects the hoverboard against scratches when used in rough terrain
  • It is 80 % faster than an average hoverboard in the market. Furthermore, the speed remains steady irrespective of the ground you are using it on
  • There are LED lights embedded on the front and two more red lights on the rear of the hoverboard. These lights increase the overall appeal of the hoverboards making them look cool while riding.
  • The LED lights also serve a dual purpose. They are bright enough to light the way during low light conditions, hence giving you greater visibility and making you easily noticeable in the crowd of pedestrians and cyclists. Therefore, the lights also increase the safety rating of the hoverboard


  • Can be used over all terrain
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Wide foot space ensures great balance
  • Offers a speed of up to 10 MPH
  • FireproofEPIKGO Sport with High-thread tire for speed
  • Holds UL2272 and UL2271 certification
  • Has LED lights
  • Great value for the price
  • One full year warranty


  • Not easily portable
  • Heavy for the kids
  • Longer charging time as compared to most other hoverboards
  • Does not have Bluetooth speakers

Conclusion – Fast & Durable both On- & Off-Road

This off-road hoverboard is loaded with excellent features and delivers utmost consumer satisfaction. It can be used over all terrain and under all riding conditions. It is a self-traveling machine implying which you won’t have to propel it forward while on the go constantly. Furthermore, it comes in a great design and is both sturdy as well as reliable for recreational purposes as well as for transport.


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