Best Hoverboard Charger 2020 – Cheap Replacement Chargers

Best Hoverboard Charger 2018Once you realize that your hoverboard battery does not last as long as it is supposed to, and when your overall hype about your rides is gone, it is probably the right time to get yourself a new hoverboard charger. This should not only enrich your hoverboarding experience but also it is supposed to save your hoverboard’s battery which is of great importance.

So, whether you are familiar with this issue, or you do not want to risk a day if this issue occurs and you want to have a replacement hoverboard charger just in case, the next question that will pop up to your head is which charger I should get? Well, look no more.

In this article, you will find the best three chargers out on the market. While combining this list, we made sure that you get the most out of your money. It is the battery life of your hoverboard that we are talking about, after all. However, first, let’s go through the essential characteristics of hoverboard chargers that you should look after

Quick Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the best hoverboard chargers on the market. We’ve tested them thoroughly and given them an appropriate review score.

EVAPLUS 42V 2A Power Adapter4.5/5Buy on Amazon
Fancy Buying 42V 2A Electric Battery Charger4.3/5Buy on Amazon
LotFancy 36V 1A Lithium Battery Charger4.1/5Buy on Amazon

Buying Considerations: Cheap Hoverboard Replacement Chargers

Power Requirements

It is imperative that the first thing you check out is the power requirement (those are usually referred to as inputs and outputs) for your hoverboard. Inappropriate treatment is harmful to your battery, and for your hoverboard nevertheless. Many consequences are more severe then you could guess, and include, but are not limited to, fire hazard for example.

Now, most of the hoverboard chargers are 42V, but these are not to be the only ones – there are also some 36V and 24V hoverboard chargers. Check you hoverboard specs out and then proceed with your pursuit. This list contains two 42V chargers and one 36V charger.

Charging Time

You are eager to ride your hoverboard. You hate when your battery runs out, and you are sentenced to the long punishment of inaction. So, after you check the power requirements out, charging time is the next thing you should look after. There is a difference of one whole ride between charging that lasts for 3 hours and the one that lasts for 5 hours. Of course, a lot of this depends on your battery, but a suitable charger for your hoverboard is essential since it can charge more quickly.

On average, charging time is around 3 hours, but some chargers need up to 8 or more hours to charge. These are not necessarily bad chargers. However, if you are comfortable with overnight charging and riding your hoverboard once a day, these are probably perfect for you as they’re cheaper.


Of course, there is no such a thing as “high price” when you are buying something for your hoverboard. At least with electronics, it is always the truth that the cheapest products are the most expensive, considering the damage they can make and the additional costs of purchasing an affordable solution.

However, the enormous market of hoverboards led to quite a decrease in chargers’ price. You can now get high-quality chargers for as much as 10 or 15 bucks, but if you are wandering through Amazon website, you can always find a good offer and reduced price.


It is the 21st century after all. Most people demand more than just functionality. Of course, when it comes to functionality, beauty does not matter. Neither does your one-meter long cable. But you might need that purple indicator light instead of red or yellow. Go for it, check all the characteristics out. Make sure to read the manual.

Manufacturers can quickly abandon the concept of green light for full battery or the red light for the empty one. But can you? However, this not so unimportant, especially when you know that some models are reported to have faulty indicators. This does not mean much for your battery, but you do not need to be the one tricked into a belief that battery is full.

If you like aesthetics, make sure to check out the Halo Rover as well.

Top Picks: Best Hoverboard Charger

1. EVAPLUS 42V 2A Power Adapter

EVAPLUS 42V 2A Power AdapterThis hoverboard charger is the Amazon’s bestselling, and there is an excellent reason for this. It has 42V 2A power adapter which makes this charger suitable for the most of the newer hoverboards. The cable length is one meter (or 39.4 inches), and what makes it great is the protection it offers.

In short, it has a short circuit, overload, and overvoltage protection. This powerful hoverboard charger comes with a 3-Prong inline connector, so be sure that it is suitable for your hoverboard. You can get it for as little as $15.


  • Well protected.
  • Fast charger (however, this also depends on your hoverboard)
  • Affordable.
  • Relatively long cable.


  • A few reported overheats.
  • Not universal (is this bad after all?)

2. Fancy Buying 42V 2A Electric Battery Charger

Fancy Buying 42V 2A Electric Battery ChargerFancy buying is conquering the market with this model! In comparison to EvaPlus, it is even cheaper. You can get it for around $10.

The manufacturer claims that charging time is between 2 and 4 hours, and it also comes with 3-Prong inline connect and has the similar protection to the previous model with additional protection of battery polarization. There are even reported that due to the energy conversion rate this charger is environment-friendly.


  • 4-line protection
  • Maximum of 4 hours charging time
  • Saves energy


  • Not universal

3. LotFancy 36V 1A Lithium Battery Charger

LotFancy 36V 1A Lithium Battery ChargerIt all comes down to this. Despite having the 36V 1A output, this hoverboard charger is our top choice. Reason? Well simply – we like you protected. This charger is UL listed, and CE TUV GS approved, which means that this product is suitable for both European and American market.

It comes with extended cord – incredible 1.8 meters in length which can provide you more comfortable charging and save you a lot of frustration if you have a problem with storing. When it comes to charging time, it is a bit weaker in comparison to its abovementioned rivals. The charging usually takes somewhere between 4 and 6 hours. The price for this product is around $14.


  • Protected and certified for worldwide use.
  • Extended cord (6 feet)
  • Indicator LED lights


  • Somewhat slower charger

FAQ: Hoverboard Chargers

We’ve noted down some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hoverboard chargers and answered them. Have a peak.

How much are Hoverboard Chargers?

The price of a hoverboard charger depends a lot on where you purchase them. If you buy them on Amazon, they’re going to be a lot cheaper than buying them from a hoverboard manufacturer.

However, in most cases, the official hoverboard chargers can be slightly better. The price can easily be tenfold though. A perfect example is StreetSaw’s UL certified hoverboard replacement charger. The quality is excellent, and it will work with any power outlet. However, the price is repulsive.

If you want nothing but the best, go for the StreetSaw charger. If you’re looking to save some money, get yourself a charger on Amazon. They cost a fraction of the price of an official one. The ones we’ve listed above are all around $10. A cheap hoverboard charger gets the job done with ease.

How to fix a Hoverboard Charger?

You are probably only here in the first place due to your charger breaking or getting lost. If it’s broken, you might have the idea that it’s easily fixable. Our recommendation is not to try and fix your hoverboard charger unless you know exactly what you are doing. Since you are asking the question in the first place, you shouldn’t get into it at all.

A broken charger could easily damage your hoverboard, and you might even end up getting hurt messing with the charger. Since they’re so cheap to get on Amazon, we recommend just buying one of the hoverboards listed above. After all, the tools it’d take to fix a charger would probably add up to more than a new charger itself.

Verdict: Best Hoverboard Charger

To sum it up, the most important thing is to check the power requirements. If you do not get the proper charger for your hoverboard, it will not charge correctly, or even at all. Besides power requirement, pricing and charging time should be the most important things to look after.

Regarding which one is the best hoverboard charger, we’ve chosen the EVAPLUS 42V 2A Power Adapter. It is fast, reliable and safe to use. With such a competitive price tag, it’s a no-brainer.

Happy charging and good luck on your hovering adventures.


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