EPIKGO Premier Series Off Road HoverboardThe EPIKGO is based in the Silicon Valley. The brand’s main focus is to maintain high safety standards and introduce innovative new features to the balance board technology so as to provide a heightened thrill of riding and unlimited possibilities to the riders. The EPIKGO Premier Series Self Balancing Hoverboard is designed to be used in all weather conditions and can withstand rough use on all types of terrain. This hoverboard is also one of the cheapest that comes with quite a number of features that are mostly seen in the high priced category.

This is a self-balancing hoverboard and equipped with an impressive collection of features. The product uses all high-quality materials and therefore offers quite a good lasting as well. This is, therefore, an ideal pick for the customers who are looking for a versatile hoverboard with a great value for the price. The style and the color options are also very attractive, thus taking the hover boards a step further and making them all the more desirable.

Features of the EPIKGO Premier Off Road Hoverboard

  • The EPIKGO hoverboards are designed by highly trained and experienced professionals. The product is therefore placed in the category of top rated hoverboards with respect to engineering, style as well as safety.
  • EPIKGO always plays user safety as their first preference. With a lot of time invested in the development and designing of the Premier hoverboard, the brand gives assurance as well as certification regarding the safety of the components.
  • The hoverboard has a software program inside it which comes handy while adjusting the various riding modes based on the expertise of the rider.
  • This self-harmony board holds a 100% licensing for the safety and protection of the riders.
  • The software installed into the hoverboard is developed using the dual gyroscopic digital sensors. This feature allows the board to sense and then alter the body weight and movement so as to make the self-balance possible.

In Comparison with the other EPIKGO Hoverboards

EPIKGO Off Road Hoverboard Comparison

It becomes clear, that we are dealing with the pinnacle of terrain hoverboards here. Though it is the most expensive of the EPIKGO hoverboards, the Premier model is also the most powerful and versatile. It is a terrain type hoverboard like the Classic model, but this one is packed with more power. It can climb 30 degree slopes and has longer durability. On top of that, it also has an in-built bluetooth speaker, which means you can listen to music while cruising around on your board.

If you feel like the product is a little too pricy, you can opt for its little brother instead. You can read about the EPIKGO Classic off road hoverboard for all terrain here.

What makes the EPIKGO Premier Off Road Hoverboard Stand Out

  • Despite being a smart device with a sleek design, the hoverboard is quite tough. It can easily withstand the stress of being used over rough terrain without making the ride too bumpy.
  • It can handle all different types of terrain, including the sidewalks, pavements, mud, sand, road, streets and even grassy terrain.
  • The hoverboard can also effortless climb steep hills at a speed of 6 MPH for up to 10 miles with a one-time charging. Neither the speed nor the safety is hampered during uphill rides. You can travel in style irrespective of where you decide to take it.
  • The hoverboard has inbuilt speakers which can be connected on handheld devices through its own app which can be downloaded. It is compatible with both the androids as well as smartphones. The app allows you to stream all your favorite music directly through your phone so that you can listen to some great music while on the move. This makes your ride all the more fun.

EPIKGO Premier Off Road Hoverboard In-Depth

  • EpikGo, being a specialized brand for hoverboards, is quite reliable when it comes to the built quality. This hoverboard has been designed to be used under all weather conditions, which in turn implies that the components are not easily damageable and can withstand the extremes of weather.
  • The electrical components are water resistant and do not malfunction or get damaged on coming in contact with water. The hoverboard can, therefore, be used during the rains as well.
  • The self-balancing feature makes the hoverboard a perfect pick for beginners. This feature has been mainly included to make the boards suitable for tough road conditions, but it also does great justice to those riders who may not be able to keep a steady control during their rides.
  • The hoverboard comes with some really great touches. This makes the board very appealing and popular mainly among the young riders.
  • The EPIKGO premier off road hoverboard is approved for the UL2272 certification.
  • The hoverboard is powered by a UL2271 approved Samsung battery and uses a UL listed high power charger. The battery is protected against all types of fire and electrical hazards.
  • Where an average hoverboard is powered by 200 watts, the EpikGo premier is powered by 400 Watts. It is supported by an optimized motor which can provide the power to drive the hoverboard through all the road bumps, hazards, and slopes with an inclination of up to 30 degrees.

Other Facts about the Hoverboard

  • The hoverboard takes around 1 to 2 hours to get fully charged.
  • It has a capacity of 12 miles driving range, meaning that one full charge can give coverage of 12 miles.
  • The off road hoverboard can provide a maximum speed of up to 12 miles an hour.EPIKGO Premier Series - Farther, Higher, Faster
  • The speakers are directly installed into the body and they are powered by 10 watts. This gives a booming sound and plays a central role in maximizing the riding experience.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty to cover parts and labor.
  • The EpikGo power series hoverboards have been subjected to 159 tests prior to the release. They underwent and also passed all these 159 tests, thus providing tangible assurance of safety against all sorts of hazards, mainly the malfunctioning of the battery and the electrical components.
  • They use sturdy tires that are geared for all weather conditions. These tires provide extra stability and traction over all types of terrain.


  • The hoverboards can be used on all types of terrain
  • The self-balancing feature ensures great stability even over uneven surfaces
  • Protected against fire and electrical hazards
  • Can be used in all weather conditions
  • Comes with inbuilt speakers


  • No lights. Hence, they may not be ideal to be used in dimly lit conditions
  • No GPS tracking

Conclusion – Durable and Strong Hoverboard for Terrain

With many new features, the EPIKGO premier off road hoverboard clearly stands out in the market. It is well ahead of its counterparts in terms of design, technology, appeal as well as safety standards. The brand places high importance on the customer safety and user experience. Both the hardware and the software used in this hoverboard are of the highest quality and therefore provide heightened user experience. If you have the money for this hoverboard, you will not be let down!

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