TOMOLOO Q2 Hoverboard ReviewThe TOMOLOO Q2 is a budget-friendly and powerful 6.5″ hoverboard perfect for both kids and adults.

While they have been around for half a decade now, TOMOLOO has gained a bit of a reputation in recent times. The Chinese company’s products are cheap, yet of commendable quality. Also, quite importantly, they have a (mostly) great reaction from customers in their reviews. A company is well worthy of the respect they receive.4

As a hoverboard, the TOMOLOO Q2 is no exception to the quality of value the manufacturer upholds.

However, we will have to explore the specifics of the Q2 before we can say why you should buy it over TOMOLOO’s huge selection of products.

A Tiny Price with Guaranteed Safety

In terms of an affordable hoverboard, you cannot go wrong with TOMOLOO in any case. The more cynical customer has been known to say their low prices are indicative of their quality. That a hoverboard for so little money will just explode.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The TOMOLOO Q2 has been subjected to the strictest production regulations. Undergone hundreds of thousands of safety tests to ensure it is ready for riding. And even the following purchase, you can keep an eye on it – there is a built-in inspection system for your convenience.

Feel the POWER!

The Q2 has been developed and designed to withstand up to 100 kilos (or 220lb). As such, it is a suitable choice for people of most ages and weight classes. Tied in with that is a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour.

TOMOLOO Q2 Hoverboard Fire KylinThat still makes it a viable alternative to cycling or public transport, even if it won’t make you forget what walking is. But if that max speed seems a bit average to you, compared to some of TOMOLOO’s other products, you will be pleased to learn there are a load of redeeming features.

With that speed limit comes a range of 7.5 miles – essentially you can travel uninterrupted for an hour if you should so choose. That is still more than suitable for some longer-distance rides both on-road and off.

The tires, fitted to 6.5’’ wheels, are designed to handle any sort of terrain. So, with most obstacles out there, the Q2 can deal with it with no problem. MOST. Not all. It is NOT specifically designed to tackle hills, so don’t expect grand results or high speeds when going up.

However, you do have to consider the weight of the product when you’re not riding it. That’s 25 pounds of hoverboard to carry around, and you don’t get a carry bag in the box with it. A minor expense to some customers, while a major inconvenience to others.

From the Stealth to the Soundtrack

At the expense of some of the speed you can get out of a TOMOLOO hoverboard, the Q2 makes up for it in stealth. Those motors are silent, which makes your ride all the more enjoyable for you to listen to your playlist during your rides. As much as you won’t become a nuisance to your neighbors.

The soundtrack comes by way of inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. But if that wasn’t enough, there’s a Smartphone app as well. You just link it all up and have total control. Not just over your music but even over the LED lights at the front of the hoverboard. A small aesthetic detail that may not wow the older riders, but one that should definitely appeal to the kids.

Price Assessment

Now, we went on a bit about the price earlier, but what do you think of $179.00 for the TOMOLOO Q2 Hoverboard?

At a price that low, you think we surely can’t be serious. Nope, that price tag is definitely quite serious. The free shipping cost is always a bonus. While recommended, even by TOMOLOO themselves, for riders of all ages, there are a number of features that would better serve a younger customer. The lower top speed also caters very well to the safety of a child, rather than older daredevils.

For parents, the low cost makes it ideal for the next Christmas or birthday gift. Just remember to get them a separately-sold carry bag as well – your purchase will still total at under the $200 mark. If you give your kids an allowance, there’s nothing to say they couldn’t save for it. It may encourage them to be more helpful around the house!

It is a product of great capability and features, plus the company’s sterling reputation servings as a bonus. With a price tag so low, if anything, you CAN’T afford to miss out on such a bargain.

Remember though, TOMOLOO has a 12-month warranty on all their products. So all is not lost if you end up not being satisfied with your purchase.

Quick Specs

TOMOLOO Q2 Bluetooth Hoverboard with AppRange: the TOMOLOO Q2 Hoverboard can travel up to 7.5 miles per charge

Strength: it has a maximum weight of 220 lb or 100 kg

Hill Climb: Up to 15 degrees

Speed: 7.5 mph top speed

In the Box: Hoverboard, charge cable, operation manual


  • Decent range per charge
  • Affordable – cheap for a product of its reputation
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty
  • Very safe – great for kids as well as adults
  • UL-2722 safety certified
  • Comes with a Smartphone app to control lights and music
  • Silent motors for reduced noise levels


  • Slightly heavy for a 6.5″ hoverboard
  • Carry bag is sold separately
  • Average top speed

Verdict: TOMOLOO Q2 Hoverboard

Looking at this hoverboard, we were in two opinions. Either one applies depending on the nature of the customer. For a kid, the Tomoloo Q2 Hoverboard has everything they could want. Funky lights, a relatively high speed, a cool futuristic design. The aesthetics will really appeal to them.

However, the adult may want to look elsewhere. There’s little in the Q2 to serve an older thrill-seeker’s needs that they won’t find of excess in another of Tomoloo’s products.

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