Levit8ion ION 6.5" HoverboardThe Levit8ion ION hoverboard is one of the best cheap hoverboards on the market right now. It has fantastic reviews from both customers and critics. The ION comes with premium features and is made of materials that make it stand out among its competitors.

This hoverboard has the certification of UL-2272, and before you think you might probably have to empty your pockets to get one, it comes at the very affordable price of $170.

With Levit8ion ION Hoverboard, there is no need to worry about the battery running out at any time; it reaches up to 10km/hr with just a single charge. You can even take an extra battery with you, as it is designed so they are easily changeable.

Durable Grinding in Terrain

Now, let’s talk about its strength. Ever heard about the indestructible scooter? That’s Levit8ion ION Hoverboard for you! But it didn’t earn that appellation by accident; this hoverboard is made of first-class aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes the board chassis highly durable. Also, since the material is light, it means you or your kid is riding one of the lightest and safest hoverboards out there.

A grab handle is embedded into its Levit8ion’s design which aids easy transportation. It has an LCD display that shows your speed reading and other activities reading. You know what that means? You can easily monitor your progress even as you ride through those steep terrains with the board.

The Levit8ion has been tested several times to work efficiently on a rough terrain, where other boards cannot thrive. It can also deal with steep slopes without any difficulty. All of this ruggedness is made possible due to the rubber tires that come with it, plus the 200W motor. The rubber tires are solid as well, and they measure up to 7.5 inches.

POWER is the Name of the Game

Levit8ion ION Hoverboard in Chrome Rose GoldIf used under maximum conditions, Levit8ion ION Hoverboard’s speed can reach up to 15km/h. Levit8ion has an impressive range of close to 20miles. With the addition of an extra battery to the mix, you can reach close to 40miles. And isn’t that a good news for a product with so much affordability?

Of what use is a hoverboard with little safety assurance? That’s probably the first thing you would want to check out. Here’s good news; the safety of this hoverboard has been officially affirmed. Levit8ion ION Hoverboard passed all the required 159 safety tests which make it one of the safest boards out there. So, as you get through with the ride, you can worry less about the safety.

The battery that comes with this product is of high quality and as such, durable. Imagine going on a 10 km ride with just a single charging; that’s incredibly great. But that’s not all; the battery is removable, and that means you can as well get another extra battery to serve as a reserve. What can be better than that?

Quick Specs

  • UL 2272 licensed; approved fire and electrical safety standards.
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • The max speed: 8.5 MPH
  • Power of the Motor: Dual 200W Motor
  • Lithium-ion Battery 36v 4.4AH
  • Maximum load: 260 pounds
  • Charge time: around 3 hours
  • Max range: 8 miles
  • Maximum climbing limit: 15 degrees
  • Bluetooth control through app
  • Net weight: 11.7 Kgs (25.5 lbs.)

Nifty Features and Luxurious Extras

Among the few features that stand out with this hoverboard is the KooWheel Plus app. If there is any information you need about the hoverboard or the environment while you are riding, this application makes it pretty easy. With your GPS on, there is no information you cannot get.

How about listening to your favorite music while on a ride with this device? A highly desirable feature. Levit8ion ION Hoverboard makes that pretty easy and great. Its high-quality dual Bluetooth speakers make it all possible.

The hoverboard comes in a variety of fresh colors ranging from simplistic white to a stunning chrome rose gold. There’s a color for every taste!

Competitive Price for a Competitive Hoverboard

With a hoverboard of such impeccable features for just a pocket price of $170, what comes to your mind?  Inferior? Of course, that’s a natural conclusion especially by cynics who have equated high price with quality. But nothing can be further from the truth than that.

Riders of this hoverboard have attested to the ingenuity of the manufacturers, and their age-long reputation for excellence speaks for them. The price makes Levit8ion ION hoverboard something your kids can even save money to buy themselves without depending on you. Isn’t that one way to teach a child how to manage money?


  • Excellent and high performance in the overall
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • An outstanding range can be covered while riding with it
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • The LCD is clear and understandable for anyone using it.
  • Built-in twofold Bluetooth speaker
  • The ION Hoverboard has LED lights even on its wheels
  • It has mudguards which make it seamless in rough or uneven terrain.
  • It offers a platform that supports soliciting of customers


  • It is not a waterproof board; therefore, you cannot use the Levit8ion ION Hoverboard in wet or icy conditions
  • The ION hoverboard requires about 3 hours to charge fully. This is long when compared to other models which need only half of that.
  • Slightly heavy

Verdict: Levit8ion ION Hoverboard

In the purchase of any product – especially in the category of hoverboards – certain things cannot be compromised. Paramount among them is safety. You want to be sure that the hoverboard your kids are riding on will not cause a hazard to them.

That’s one area in which Levit8ion ION Hoverboard stands tall and straight. The safety apparatuses of the hoverboard are very commendable. And to think that such a board runs for 8 miles on a single charge is one thing you cannot take away from it either.

If you’re looking for a powerful and budget-friendly hoverboard that won’t wear with time, the Levit8ion ION is the perfect solution. It’s fast, powerful and overall a blast to ride.

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