Hoverheart 6.5-inch Hoverboard ReviewHoverheart has your entertainment in mind with this stylish hoverboard packed with some sweet bells and whistles. With a quality construction coming out of China we have a hoverboard with a decent price point. Do the extra goodies take away from the total package, however?

Read along and I will break down whether the Hoverheart hoverboard is worth its weight in enjoyment. Sorry for the phrasing but we are still a few years from a hoverboard that can be compared to gold.


  • The fastest hoverboard under $200 on the market
  • Good range – up to 10 miles per charge
  • Powerful motor – Two 250-watt dual motors
  • LED lights on wheels and front
  • Nice Bluetooth speakers
  • Good value for the price
  • Lots of flashy color options


  • Quite slow charging time (between 2-3 hours) – but a longlasting battery
  • Does not come with a smartphone app – most competitors do
  • Slightly heavy, weighing 25.5 pounds

For the Young and Young at Heart

With a glossy color style, nine available colors and a multitude of flashing lights this hoverboard has all of the flash required to excite a young mind. This is very important for the younger demographic this hoverboard is best suited for.

Substituting substance for style is usually a bad move, but this hoverboard packs in enough features to make a pretty nice package. With a very competitive price, you should definitely check out what Hoverheart is doing.

Features of the Hoverheart Hoverboard

Middle of the Road Motors

While it doesn’t quite reach the speeds of some of the top end hoverboards, for its price this hoverboard still delivers. With two 250 watt motors, you can reach a pretty nice speed.

Depending on your weight these motors can move at up to 10 miles per hour though you will probably have to settle for something closer to 6.Just enough speed to catch a nice breeze makes this hoverboard a good choice for kids if safety is a concern.

Solid Battery Life

There is nothing worse than running out of gas when you are just starting to have some fun. Thanks to a 36-volt lithium ion battery this hoverboard is capable of lasting for a pretty long time. On a full charge reaching 10 miles of riding time for an average sized individual is really nice.

In just 2-3 hours of charging time, you can reach full power. The charge can last longer than ten miles if you forgo the flashing lights or Bluetooth sound system as well.

Colorful and Stylish

It is nice to be able to move fast for a long time but how much does that matter if you don’t look good doing it? A variety of colors along with a chrome finish help this hoverboard standout as a beautiful and functional piece of technology. If that isn’t enough color, it is also loaded with flashing LED lights.

There are lights on the base and the wheels so even in the dark you can create a kaleidoscope of color.

Balances by Itself

You probably don’t remember learning to walk but regardless no one likes to fall. Self-balancing technology allows you to stay vertical when your natural capabilities fail you. Built-in gyroscopic sensors will compensate for your movement to help you maintain your stability.

This is becoming more common on hoverboards. It is a must-have if you are purchasing for someone who is younger or not familiar with hoverboards. It’s a wonderful feature to have on a beginner hoverboard.

Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Hoverheart 6.5" Hoverboard with Bluetooth SpeakersIf you want some music while you ride Hoverheart keeps the beat thanks to its speaker system. It isn’t going to astound you with the sound quality, but it accomplishes its purpose of livening up your experience.

A nice perk to have though buyer beware if you are purchasing for a kid and you are not a fan of their taste in music. On the flip side that makes for a sly insider prank for a family member or neighbors kid who misses the point often with their gifts.

Safety Concerns

Moving a human body is difficult enough when you are using your own two feet so a well-built hoverboard is an absolute necessity for a worthy purchase.

Despite being made in a foreign country depending on where you rest. Hoverheart did a nice job making sure their hoverboard can hold up no matter the location.

Safe and Certified

Beyond basic functionality one of the most important qualities for a hoverboard to have is safety. Hoverheart has made sure their hoverboard passes the test with UL 2722 certification. This makes the fear of flame up or a wheel popping off less of an issue.

As dangerous as hoverboarding can be by default it’s even worse when you have to worry about an uncertified product.

Large Wheels for Solid Handling

Anyone who drives a truck or a large car know that the bigger the wheels are the more support and control you have. With two 6.5 inch wheels, Hoverheart’s board is built to withstand a good deal of terrain. Thanks to the large wheels and a well-constructed build this hoverboard can support riders up to 220 pounds.

With a 27-pound frame, the Hoverheart hoverboard is pretty light for a hoverboard. The low weight makes a good difference for travel when you can’t afford to keep both wheels on the ground.

Quality Materials and Strong Reviews

Sadly everything we purchase has some planned obsolescence built into it, but the best way to avoid the issues this brings is a strong construction. From the textured footpads to the sturdy wheels and strong plastic this hoverboard is built to last.

Even if you are purchasing for a kid who is sure to give it a nice beating, it is made to hold up. The majority of users give this hoverboard strong five star reviews.

Conclusion: Who is the Hoverheart Good for?

Hoverheart Hoverboard with 20 cells Lithium-ion batteryWhile this hoverboard from Hoverheart might not be the right one for everyone we do have enough here for a solid purchase. With a price around $199 we are on the higher side for your basic hoverboard, however, all of the included features cancels that out.

I can’t imagine a kid who wouldn’t be delighted by this hoverboard even if the speakers and flashing lights might alienate older users. Style and substance are both here though for a nice full featured package. The only downside is with the Chinese manufacturing if you get a dud returning for a replacement could be a pretty big hassle.

The upside definitely is that you’re getting a powerful hoverboard at a gentle price. That said, it does not feature a smartphone app like most other manufacturers do. Due to this, the Hoverheart 6.5-inch hoverboard suffers when it comes to features.

If you want power, this is the ideal budget-friendly choice. However, if you’re looking for high-tech functionality and customization options, you might want to opt for an app-enabled hoverboard instead like the Swagtron T580.

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