Top 10 Best Hoverboards of 2020

Updated February 2020

Top Speed
Top Speed
12 MPH
12 Miles
32 Lbs
Weight Limit
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 260 Lbs
800 Watt
Top Speed
7.5 MPH
8-12 Miles
20 Lbs
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 220 Lbs
300 Watt
Top Speed
12 MPH
12 Miles
29 Lbs
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 265 Lbs
700 Watt
Top Speed
9.95 MPH
9.5 Miles
30.8 Lbs
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 265 Lbs
700 Watt
Top Speed
10 MPH
10 Miles
32 Lbs
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 420 Lbs
700 Watt


If someone had said 20 years ago that hoverboards would be the norm, then you may not have believed them. Okay, so these may not be the flying machines of 80s movies, but they certainly are a huge upgrade on scooters or skateboards, and the best hoverboards as we know them are becoming popular both on-road and off-road!

In this article, we’ve taken a deep dive into some of the top hoverboards on the market and also described what each of the models is best for, as some may be better suited for your size, and for the location in which you plan to take your board.

What is a hoverboard?

The word ‘hoverboard’ can conjure up images of old SciFi films, so it is easy to see where the confusion comes from. The truth is that they don’t ‘hover’ at all. This is simply the slang term most commonly used. The products are actually self-balancing scooters. They are propelled by a battery and controlled by the movements of the rider, and have become popular for fun and for function as they allow users to travel much faster than on foot.

The mechanics of a hoverboard include a gyroscope which adjusts and senses the tilt of the board and lets you stay balanced while using. Processors to send power to the two wheels. A battery, usually a Li-Ion battery which can store a lot of power, and finally a motor which is what makes the board move.

What all of this means is that the user can stay balanced and even control things like speed just by the way they are using their body weight on the product. The best hoverboards are intuitive and leave you hands totally free when you are on the go.

Do hoverboards explode or catch fire?

This is a very common question due to a few high profile cases of fires in defective hoverboards. In spite of this, there is very little risk of any sort of explosion or fire being caused by your hoverboard. There were some products recalled years ago by some manufacturers who had made products with faulty batteries, but ‘exploding’ wasn’t really what was going on, even when these boards were in circulation.

Due to poor and unregulated manufacturing, there were lots of reports in the US of hoverboards catching fire. The main reason was faulty batteries. If you want to know more about the issue, Cnet wrote a solid article explaining why hoverboards used to catch fire.

The cases where this did happen were perhaps a blessing in disguise. They have led to more legislation and certification so that hoverboard manufacturers have to take extra steps to ensure safety. This is why the risk has reduced to practically zero in modern hoverboards. All of the products we’ve listed here have the UL2772 certificate which proves they use technology which is not at a high risk of causing any issue such as fire or explosions.

Naturally, all of this does not mean that you can treat your batteries or hoverboards as unbreakable, and you should still take adequate protective steps when charging and riding your board.

Why get a hoverboard?

The reasons for purchasing a hoverboard vary from user to user. Some will be buying the products purely for fun! They absolutely are fun, too. Being able to put your foot down and go at 12 mph with next to no effort and feel the wind in your hair is great. Take it to the beach, take it to the park or even just cruise around the streets, riding a hoverboard is an enjoyable pastime.

They have a functional use, too. In terms of transporting people, there are few ways to do this which are more efficient or more affordable. If you live close to where you work, you can even do your morning commute on your hoverboard. Electric forms of transport mean you don’t have to create emissions and can lower your carbon footprint. If you buy a board capable of 10 mph, 10 minutes can see you travel almost two miles.

Whether fun or function is the purpose, it is easy to see why this form of transport is becoming more popular and is a great alternative to bikes or conventional scooters.

Top 10 Picks: Best Hoverboards

The following are the top picks on the market as of 2019. Our team has spent a huge amount of time (and had a lot of fun) looking into these options and evaluating what their best features are. We’ve also taken into account further reviews and consumer ratings to see what the general consensus is and get a more well-rounded overview.

1. Halo Rover (Best Overall)

Halo Rover Off-Road Hoverboard for All-Terrain UsageThe Halo Rover is one of the flagship hoverboards on the market and makes our list as the ‘best hoverboard overall’. It is an example of exactly how brilliantly made some of these boards are, and Halo, operating out of their base on the west coast of the USA, have put this through some extremely rigorous tests to make sure the rover can do just as effective a job both on and off the roads.

They couldn’t call their hoverboard the Rover if it weren’t good at dealing with multiple terrains, and this bad boy can go on muddy fields, through snow, rain, and sand and have no troubles at all. The 8.8-inch tire design is described by the brand as “indestructible” and they are shock absorbing and even have sensors within to keep the rider stable. They’re even fitted with lights which allow great visibility 24/7.

As well as being exceptionally well made, the Rover has embraced technology and even has a mobile app which can give advice and evaluation on your ride, tell you when you need to charge and even allow you to connect via Bluetooth and play your music through the Halo Rover.

In spite of the fact that this has so much to offer, it is all pretty simple to use. The clean up is made very simple by an intuitive design, instructions for both riding and how to charge your hoverboard are provided, and are easy to follow. It even has a carry case which is perfect for both storing and getting your hoverboard around when you’re not riding it.

The Halo Rover has a top speed of 12 MPH and can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge. The stats don’t lie – this electric scooter is the best!

It is very hard to find fault with this board. It isn’t the cheapest, nor is it the lightest hoverboard, but if you want something sturdy then this is to be expected. It loses a small amount of speed when you take it off-road, but again, this is something that not many hoverboards can avoid. All-in-all, it has the greatest features and design out of any of the boards we’ve tried.



2. Swagtron T580 (Best Budget)

Swagtron T580 Hoverboard with LED, Bluetooth and AppWe have tried to take into account the fact that not everyone is working with a huge budget, so we’ve included a product which is something of a ‘cheap’ hoverboard. Though none of these products are being given away, this is far more affordable than many competitors, and in fact, it even does a better job than some products which cost far more.

Many people who are spending less on their hoverboard may be concerned about the safety features it has to offer. It is easier to assume that a cheaper board won’t have been as well made, or won’t have the correct features to keep you protected while riding. This is not an issue with the Swagtron T580, which has the UL Certification which hoverboards require. The casing is also ‘incombustible’, so there is no risk of any fire-related issues. Swagtron have taken their responsibilities very seriously.

It isn’t lacking in the fun features either. It can support anyone weighing between 44 and 220 lbs safety and has a learning mode in its mobile app to help you with the first steps, which can be very difficult if you are new to hoverboarding. Once you’ve got to grips with this, you can go back to the standard riding mode.

The 7.5 MPH max speed is plenty for most of us, but it should be said that the Swagtron T580 is not great for off-road use. It is just 20 lbs and therefore extremely easy to carry around when you’re not using it. It even pairs up with your devices so you can play your music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

The charge is another feature which we found impressive. A 90 or 100-minute charge can last a whole eight miles of use.

Naturally, the Swagtron would be a little better if it had more abilities off-road. Being lightweight, it does sacrifice a little bit of durability, but for the incredibly reasonable price tag, we’re happy to recommend the T580 for someone looking to save money purchasing a hoverboard. Overall, the T580 is one of the best hoverboards for kids on the market.



3. Swagtron T6 (Best Heavy-Duty)

SWAGTRON T6 Off Road Hoverboard for All Terrain Types

The Swagtron T6 was launched in 2017 to a lot of fanfare, and this has proven to be well deserved as it is a very high quality and heavy-duty hoverboard. The fact that this is so rugged and robust have made it popular among the larger users out there. Whereas some products (even within the Swagtron range) can only support users up to 220 lb, the T6 can work for users who are up to 400 lb in weight.

The rugged nature is backed up by the incredibly well-built 10-inch tires, which are durable and allow you to easily take this product on pretty much any surface. Off-roading is an option, and grass, snow, sand, and the streets can all be your friend if you’re riding the T6. The tires are inflatable and 10 inches is larger than average, so they will absorb any shocks and bumps even on a surface which is more of a challenge.

You might think that such a big and bulky hoverboard would be slow and difficult to ride but this isn’t the case at all. It has a couple of 35W motors which provide a truly impressive speed! It can reach a top speed of 12 mph which is superior to a lot of the lightweight products out there. It also has a 12-mile range before you will have to recharge it. Both the speed and range do drop slightly on more challenging terrains, but this is to be expected.

Making a car comparison, this is the ‘range rover’ of the hoverboard world. Big, rugged, hefty and well-built, but still fast enough to feel the wind in your hair when you put your foot down. The Swagtron T6 is definitely the best hoverboard if you intend on getting real dirty in the mud.



4. Gyroor Warrior (Budget Off-Road)

Gyroor Warrior Off-Road Hoverboard ReviewThe Gyroor Warrior makes our list of top hoverboards due to the fact that it is a good balance between value and features, and the brand has considered most of the things which make a hoverboard appealing. Gyroor also embraces technology with this design, with support for maximum connectivity and even an app.

The board itself is made largely out of aluminum and ABS, it is pretty durable, and its 88.5-inch tires are of a good enough quality for all road-types use. On the road, it has a max speed between 10 and 12 mph, which is certainly respectable.

The App is one of the most appealing aspects of the Gyroor, this lets you look into all the different aspects of use including speed and battery life, and also lets you adjust the speed and even set an alarm, all from your smartphone. There is even a kids mode which you can set for that extra level of safety if you are letting your little ones go out on the scooter.

Honestly, some of the features seem to have been made with children largely in mind. For instance, there is a racing car sound effect and loads of colors of LED lights which are great for kids and teens, but probably aren’t as essential as you get a bit older.

The safety requirements have been met, with a UL2272 certification as well as RoHS and FCC. It also has a removable battery which you can charge away from the actual body of the hoverboard, not something too many of the other options offer.

If you’re on a budget and want something that can go off-road, then the Gyroor Warrior may be the best hoverboard for you.


5. TOMOLOO V2 Eagle

TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Off Road HoverboardThe Tomoloo V2 Eagle is competition for the title of ‘best off-road hoverboard’. It is similar in many ways to the more heavy duty hoverboards on the market, but also has plenty of nimble qualities and certainly doesn’t weigh a huge amount.

The Tomoloo is made by a Chinese company and has two chunky 350-watt motors which give a little extra boost when you are off-roading or even taking your hoverboard up some sort of incline. The Tomoloo manages to hit that golden spot of being both robust and lightweight, and weighing just 29 lbs certainly helps the V2 Eagle with its speed. It can reach speeds of up to 12mph.

The battery of this board can last for around 10 miles, and a charge takes between two and three hours. This can be monitored from the app, which also has information on speed, GPS and can even control the color of your lights.

After a few highly publicized issues in the early days of hoverboards, manufacturers became especially keen to show that their products weren’t combustible. The V2 is fire retardant and the manufacturers describe the battery as ‘explosion-proof’. All of the certifications you would expect, such as the UL2272 cert, are in place for this product, so you can rest assured of its safety.

The chunky tires don’t just give this that little bit of extra grip for off-roading, they look great too, and aesthetically the V2 Eagle is one of the nicest boards on the market. It’s a thing of beauty! Available in multiple colors to suit your personality, the unusual lighting designs have also made this a popular product for those who want a hoverboard with a bit of style.



6. GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO

GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard in Galaxy DesignGOTRAX have managed to create a very appealing budget option with their GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO! This is designed to be not only cheap, but also nice to look at, fun to ride and hard-wearing. Though this model may not be suitable for challenging terrains, and there are competitors which are both faster and more sturdy, it has plenty to offer and has become popular among kids and adults alike.

The Hoverfly Eco makes great use of the gyroscopic tech which runs most of these hoverboards, and the users can quickly get to grips with the movement this creates and start using the Eco to its full potential.

The safety features are very reliable, as we’ve come to expect from most of the reputable manufacturers. As well as having very safe electronics and a top quality battery which has led it to pass the UL2272 safety standards, the board also has bumpers around the wheels, a rubber platform for your feet which is anti-slip, and even an auto-shutdown which can kick in if required.

The speed of this model is good, if not as amazing as some of the other boards mentioned. If you are looking for the absolute fastest hoverboard, the Eco isn’t going to win you any races, but the 7.4 mph top speed is more than enough for most of us. What is even better is that the battery takes just 90 minutes to fully recharge, and this can lead to 12 miles of range before you have to charge again.

If we were to really scrutinize, it would be fair to say that the Hoverfly Eco could benefit from a little higher capacity, as it can only take riders up to 220 lb in weight. It doesn’t have an app, either, which isn’t essential of course, but it can be a very useful feature which we’ve seen in many of the newer boards to hit the market.



7. Megawheels TW01

Megawheels TW01 6.5"Hoverboard ReviewTo look at the Megawheels TW01 it is easy to assume that they are made just for children, but in spite of being lightweight, they are great for adults too, up to 250 lb in weight. That said, many of the numerous designs and colors are quite whimsical and appealing for young people.

Also adding to the appeal of this product are lunar style LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker which can link to your device so that you can play your favorite music through your hoverboard when you are on the go. There is a carry case included and you can carry this hoverboard around easily as it weighs under 10 KG.

It has a powerful lithium-ion battery and has a 500-watt motor which can provide a speed of up to 6.8 mph, it can also climb at 15 degree inclines with no issues. The battery takes around 90 minutes to fully charge. The safety certifications including RoHS and UL2272 are in place to give you peace of mind when purchasing. Further safety precautions include the non-slip foot pads to stop you from falling off.

There are many more powerful and fast boards out there, but perhaps not at this price! The value for money on offer makes this a popular choice for kids and teenagers. Though it is impossible to deny that there are faster options, and certainly better choices for off-roading, this is a good option for road users and beginners. The incredible design options are an added bonus and a chance to express your personality!



8. Levit8ion ION

Levit8ion ION 6.5" HoverboardThe Levit8ion ION is similar in many ways to the Megawheels option in terms of size and weight, but this is a fair upgrade on many other 6.5” wheeled models in terms of speed and features.

This hoverboard can reach over 10mph and still has a relatively good range, meaning you can go about 10 miles before you have to recharge it. One of the features we also really like about the board is the replaceable battery. The batteries are small enough to take with you, so you can take a spare with you and when you reach the end of one battery’s charge, you can quickly and easily switch it out and keep going.

Just like the rest of the products we’ve mentioned this has the UL2772 certification, and Levit8ion have strenuously tested their product. In fact, 159 different safety and durability tests are carried out to ensure their boards are high quality.

Though this is a relatively small model, it has a decent capacity of 260 lb so many adults can use the Levit8ion Ion board. Other top features include Bluetooth speaker capabilities for playing music and an app to control the board, something you would often have to pay a lot more for.




TOMOLOO Q2 Hoverboard ReviewThe second of the Tomoloo range on our list, and another very futuristic and high-quality product. It is a little smaller than its sibling product, and the Q range has everything you could hope for from both a stylish and relatively lightweight board.

The TOMOLOO Q2 balancing scooter has chunky, high-quality tires which is something of a signature of the Tomoloo range. These are small at 6.5 inches in diameter, which make the Q2 more suitable for smaller riders and very popular among kids.

Another reason they are so popular is the fact that you can adjust the LED headlights to any RGB color configuration, and the speakers can hook up to Bluetooth devices so you can play your tunes as you go, something that seems to be the norm for many modern hoverboards!

This self-balancing scooter has a top speed of 7.5 MPH which makes it ideal for beginners and advanced riders alike.

A big focus has been put on the safety features, possibly because of the popularity among children. Parents are looking for that extra protection. A clever safe stop technology is designed to stop people falling off, and it also has water resistance when charging the battery and a flame retardant frame to avoid any issues regarding fire.

All-in-all, this is a great option if you are looking for a high-tech and attractive looking model with a 6.5-inch wheel design.



10. EPIKGO Classic

EPIKGO Classic Off Road Hoverboard for All TerrainEPIKGO classic is one of the most durable, bulky hoverboards we have come across. While the Swagtron T6 balancing scooter has earned its title of the best heavy duty board, the EPIKGO gives it a run for its money. Power and durability are the names of the game here, and the solid, all-terrain design is wonderful for those who need to take their hoverboard to more challenging locations, through mud, sand and pretty much any other surface.

The 8.5-inch tires give stability and are built to last, so you don’t have to worry what you are putting your board through. The power is provided by two incredible 400W motors! This can allow you to climb at an angle of 18 degrees and go over 10 miles per charge. On top of this, it can get to a max speed of 10 MPH, which means you don’t have to compromise on this just because you buy a big and bulky board. The brand describes this as ‘the most powerful balance board’ and while we’re not sure about that, it is certainly one of the best.

The manufacturers are based in Silicon Valley and you can see a tinge of this tech influence, and certainly a suave and simple design that wouldn’t look out of place if Apple had entered the hoverboard market! A one year warranty also covers your purchase, which shows that the brand has a lot of faith in their hoverboard.

If we were really splitting hairs, we could possibly say that this is a bit on the heavy side, but this is the price most people are happy to pay for a board that can go through most terrains!



Verdict – Which is best hoverboard?

Our favorite overall hoverboard is the Halo Rover, it has all-round ability and quality, with decent high speed, good durability and some good technology features such as working with an app. The modern design and speed are a real bonus.

The Swagtron T6 is arguably the best hoverboard model if you are a bigger user, or if you are simply looking for an incredibly heavy duty board. It offers some of the largest, best quality wheels we’ve seen which are 10 inches in diameter, and it can hold users up to 400 lb in weight. In our detailed review we’ve described this as the ‘range rover’ of the world of hoverboards, and for off and on-road fun and durability, it is hard to beat.

For a budget option, something many people are considering especially if they are new to hoverboards or are giving in to their children’s wishes, the Swagtron T580 is strongly recommended. It is relatively fast at 7.5 mph, but it is packed with safety features and is very fast-charging and lightweight. It definitely ticks the boxes for being used by a kid.

Buying Considerations

Everyone needs something slightly different from their hoverboard. Different features will be more appealing and different variations of products will be more suitable for you than others. Looking into the buying considerations is the best way to ensure you choose the right product for you. We’ve gone through some of the top features, and this should also be treated as something of a ‘glossary of terms’ which explains some of the words you will hear as you hunt for the best hoverboard.


When people think of hoverboards, they often think of something that can fly along at high speeds (we mean proverbially, not literally!). These products aren’t just bought for novelty value, and they’re legitimate forms of transport. Normal top speeds are usually between 6 mph and 10 mph. This is comparable to jogging or cycling, to give some frame of reference. The best hoverboard in terms of speed goes right around 12 MPH. This ensures you can get to your destination in next to no time!

Battery and Range

There is no use in a hoverboard which performs brilliantly but only for a couple of minutes. The ‘range’ is an approximation of how far the board can go before you need to charge it up. Batteries are getting better in general as demands for longer battery life for phones and other devices grows, and this has been reflected in hoverboard design.

Hoverboard range and battery infographic

A range of 8-12 miles between charging is pretty much standard. There are some examples which are lower and a few (very few) which are higher. This can also be affected by whether you are going off-road, or up hills, for instance. The time the battery takes to charge should also be considered. Some can charge up in an hour, some take three or four. One feature which has crept into more and more boards recently is to have batteries that can be replaced, this means if you need further range, you can take a spare. Alternatively, you can leave one charging while you use the other.

If you ever lose your hoverboard charger, there are lots of simple options that can be bought on sites such as Amazon. Read our hoverboard charger guide to find out more.

Tires and Terrain

When you are looking into the tires of a hoverboard there are a few different variations that you will notice. The most obvious is size. Many tires tend to be either 6.5 or 8.5 inches in diameter, but some are slightly larger. 10-inch tires provide a huge amount of robustness and off-roading potential! Small tire sizes such as 6.5 inches may be best for road use, and often can’t support heavier riders. 8.5 inches is something of a versatile middle-ground.

The material of the tires, their pressure and the tread are all other considerations. If you drive a car then there will be concepts you are already familiar with and it is not too different in the world of hoverboards. A chunky rubber tire with a lot of thread will be better for taking on sand, on mud or on other challenging terrain.


A hoverboard is an investment and one which you want to last. There are few things more frustrating than spending good money on something that you expect to last for years and it gives up. A well-made bike or scooter is built to last, so there is no reason that one of these boards should be any different.

Fortunately, there are some options on the market with good workmanship. Even if you are shopping on the more affordable end of the market it is reasonable to expect your purchase to last you years. This is what we are looking for when we review hoverboards. Many have at least a one year warranty, which is another added bonus.


Safety is paramount with any sort of product that is going to be taking you anywhere at any sort of speed. It is not worth taking any risks. After some high profile cases of unsafe boards in the early days of these products, manufacturers are keen to prove they have considered this, and the UL2772 certification has been designed specifically for hoverboards. This is to show that the electrics are totally safe. Do not buy a board which can’t offer you this protection.

Each brand seems to have its own testing process, but the important thing is that they have rigorous standards and certifications to prove it. Always keep an eye on exactly what safety features have been built in, especially if you are buying a hoverboard for your children as it is so important to keep them totally safe at all times.

Tech Features

The high tech features and connectivity that most hoverboards now offer seem to be very popular. To make another car comparison, think of the way that GPS, Bluetooth, wifi and more have worked their way into our vehicles in recent years, hoverboard makers are trying to do similar. Many balancing scooters offer Bluetooth speaker connectivity and allow you to play music through inbuilt speakers.

Probably the most valuable tech feature that can be offered is an app. These are ‘companions’ for your board and can do all sorts, from functional things like tracking distance covered and notifying you when battery life is getting low. They can also let you switch to safe modes so you can help to control your children using the board. Fun extras from apps include changing the music or even controlling the lights and the colors of your board.>


Price is always a consideration. Most people have some sort of a budget in mind, and even if not it is worth keeping an eye on value for money as nobody wants to get ripped off. The elite products can run into the thousands of dollars, but there are some budget hoverboards out there for under $200 which have decent enough features.

Weight and Carrying

Not every situation is going to allow you to ride your hoverboard, and at times you may need to sling it in the back of a car or even carry it yourself. Many of the best products in this space come with their own carry bags, which feel a little bit like carrying an instrument around with you.

If you struggle to carry things that are big and bulky, pay some attention to the weight of your board. Some weigh 20-30lb which is manageable, but if it gets much heavier this can be awkward if you plan to be carrying it around a lot.

Also, if it doesn’t come with a specific carrying bag, these can be a little tough to find and purchase. It is best if this is something that the manufacturer can offer along with your original purpose.

Weight Limit

Another important to consider is the weight limit a hoverboard has. Some hoverboards allow for a higher load. Typically, the bigger builds with larger tires allow for a heavier rider. Luckily, pretty much every hoverboard manufacturer informs you about the minimum and maximum weight a given hoverboard can handle.


Hoverboards may not be the 50 mph flying machines you imagined as a child, but instead, they are an environmentally friendly, fun and efficient way to travel around. Whether you are on the streets or doing some exploring, there are boards out there to suit you.

Which is the best hoverboard for you is highly subjective and depends on a variety of variables. If you consider who the rider is, how and where they’ll use it and at which price point you want to buy a hoverboard, you’re well set.

We hope our guide has been helpful as you navigate this brand new market. Spending a little time doing your research to start with is the best way to ensure you get the right hoverboard for you and don’t end up disappointed when it arrives. If you have any further thoughts or insights, or recommendations for hoverboards, feel free to leave us a comment!

Which are the Best Hoverboard Brands?

#1 StreetSaw

StreetSawStreetSaw is one of the leading manufacturers of the two-wheeled electric scooters and for a good reason. Their gadgets are praised for their high quality, durability, and safety. These self-balancing scooters allow individuals to ride smoothly and steadily.

Off-Road Hoverboard Riding

StreetSaw claims that their self-balancing scooters were designed to be taken off the road. Their 10-inch wheels can conquer big and rough terrains such as grassy fields and rocky surfaces. On the flipside, the larger size of the wheels makes it a tad difficult to maneuver. So, if you don’t want your turning speed and agility to be compromised, you can go for their 6.5” or 8”-wheeled hoverboards. StreetSaw also designs hoverboards tailored street riding.

Another plus of the StreetSaw hoverboards is the LED lights that shine up to 6.5 feet. It means that if you’re riding in the dark, you’ll have excellent visibility. Also, other motorists will be able to see you from a far distance. The StreetSaw hoverboard boasts a speed of 11.2 miles per hour. This is the ideal speed whether you’re riding on or off the road.

 Quality Batteries

As with most self-balancing scooters, the StreetSaw model is battery-powered. The good thing is that the battery can last for five to six hours. It means that you can ride the hoverboard for a prolonged period before having to recharge. Although the batteries in some models take longer to charge (2 to 3 hours), it is worth waiting given their capability to operate for longer.

Certain features make StreetSaw hoverboards stand out. For instance, they have added ventilation on the underneath of the board. This goes to show that the company thought through the design.

They also have very responsive customer support. If you check out their website, you’ll see a chat feature on the bottom right. StreetSaw technicians are always ready to answer any questions you have. If you’re looking to purchase from this brand, you can choose from any one of these five hoverboards:

DailySaw: this is a cheap and popular model. It has excellent battery life, quick charging time and high top speed.

FutureSaw: this one is known for its sleek design. It employs the same brushless electric motor tech that is used in Tesla and comes with a dual-channel speaker.

StabilitySaw: the 10-inch wheeled scooter can be ridden on the roughest terrain.

AlienSaw: it boasts Bluetooth technology, which allows riders to play music on the go. It’s also suitable for heavy riders; can accommodate up to 280 pounds.

RockSaw: it’s the latest invention. It’s designed for all terrains, has a speed 10.5 miles per hour and is UL 2272 certified.

We rank StreetSaw as one of the best hoverboard brands. Fantastic support, stunning products, and exceptional prices.

#2 Halo Board

Halo BoardHalo Board is another renowned manufacturer of hoverboards. Their most popular model is the Halo Rover, which has been designed with close attention to detail, resulting in a gadget of the finest standards. Here are some of the reasons we consider Halo Board as one of the best hoverboard brands.

Safe Ride

The most significant worry among hoverboard users is the possibility of these gadgets blowing up in their faces. However, with a high-quality model like the Halo Rover, you need not harbor any concerns regarding your safety.

This self-balancing scooter boasts UL certification that has been approved by the US Government. What this means is that the Halo Rover has been subjected to numerous tests to certify that it will not overheat or malfunction during use.

All Terrain Capability

Only a few hoverboard models are designed to handle all terrains. The Halo Rover is one such exception, which guarantees a comfortable and safe ride regardless of the terrain; be it snow, mud, the streets or sand.

The 8.8-inch wheels guarantee a smooth ride, allowing users to maneuver both dry and wet surfaces with ease. These tires are fitted with shock absorbers and stability sensors to provide users with well-balanced rides.

Supreme Convenience

The top speed of this self-balancing scooter is 10 miles per hour on a single charge. With the Halo Rover, you can even climb inclined places thanks to the robust wheels and well-balanced structure. What’s more, the hoverboard’s speed never gets compromised by water splashes or rain.

This hoverboard can be ridden by anyone, thanks to the array of riding modes that it has. If you’re a beginner, you can use the learning mode. More skilled riders can choose between regular and advanced riding modes.

Like StreetSaw, this electric scooter also has LED lights at the front and back to enhance visibility. But what makes this hoverboard stand out is the convenience offered by its GPS tracking system, which keeps tabs on the power, speed, and distance.

Although the Halo Rover has a high price tag, it compensates for this with a variety of features and a robust design. So, if you’re looking for a hoverboard that has quality battery power and one that offers stability and comfort, the Halo Rover is your best bet.

All in all, HaloBoard produce some of the top self-balancing scooters on the market.


TOMOLOOEstablished in 2013, Shenzhen Tomoloo Tech was one of the first entrants in the hoverboard industry. In the five years that the company has been in existence, it has grown to become a reliable manufacturer of self-balancing scooters. Their hoverboards, which are feature-rich, have won the hearts of many consumers. The following reasons make TOMOLOO one of the best hoverboard brands.


One reason why people admire the Tomoloo hoverboard is that it’s safe. This self-balancing scooter has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratory, a global safety consulting and certification organization. Tomoloo’s range of scooters has also undergone rigorous tests to be approved by the CPSC. This certification is proof that these tools are of premium quality and completely safe.

Unique LEDs

The majority of hoverboards are fitted with simple LEDs. The Tomoloo hoverboard is different in that it has a mixture of red, green and blue LED lights. With such lighting, you are bound to fall in love with it.

Top Speed

Another feature that sets this hoverboard apart is its exemplary speed of 12 miles per hour. You can ride at this speed on a single charge. And the best part is, it doesn’t take that long that to recharge.

Bluetooth Capability

However, the crowning glory of the Tomoloo hoverboard is its impressive Bluetooth 4.0 capability. The fact that you can play your favorite music as you ride the scooter makes it an ideal gadget for kids and teens.

Weight Limit

Perhaps the only caveat of this hoverboard is that it can only accommodate a maximum weight of 264 pounds. Although this is a smaller weight limit than the AlienSaw, this self-balancing scooter is sturdy enough to carry the average adult.

Overall, the Tomoloo hoverboard is a worthy buy. It has smart features and looks stylish in the different colors that it comes in. But the most important thing is that it’s safe and free from fire hazards. The batteries are supreme and last a long time. Enjoy the Tomoloo hoverboard ride by purchasing it here.


EPIKGOEPIKGO is a late entrant into the hoverboard market. Nonetheless, this company has managed to create a hi-tech hoverboard, which can compete with existing models. Their latest models have made them one of the best hoverboard brands of all time.


Thanks to its robust design, the EPIKGO Classic is a reliable model. The wheel cover is constructed using indestructible aluminum while the chassis is made of durable ABS material.

The wheels, which are made of solid rubber, can cruise on any terrain with minimal effort. Whether you’re riding the Epikgo hoverboard on grass, pavement or road, it will deliver excellent performance. Another thing you’ll notice about the Epikgo hoverboard is that it’s big. This translates to more feet space, better control and balance.


Like other high-end models, the Epikgo hoverboard guarantees complete protection as you ride. This model boasts UL2272 certification for the board and UL2271 certification for the smart LG battery. More specifically, this hoverboard has been subjected to more than 150 tests on safety regulations and found to be safe from potential fire hazards.


If you compare it to other hoverboard brands, the Epikgo is a big and powerful machine. It uses dual 400-watt motors, delivering a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour on a single charge. What’s more, this self-balancing scooter is capable of climbing slopes, which are 18-degrees steep. If you examine other hoverboards, you will notice that their motors are positioned in the wheels. In contrast, the Epikgo motors are placed on the board to give more space for better stability.

Albeit being invented just recently, the Epikgo has made its entry with a bang. This machine can cruise on any terrain effortlessly. Thanks to the 400-watt Dual motors, the hoverboard can climb an 18-degree uphill slope. You will also be pleased with its sturdy build, which can withstand extreme weather conditions. The only drawback is that it does not have a learning mode, making it an unsuitable choice for beginners.

#5 Swagtron

SwagtronSwagtron is undoubtedly one of the best hoverboard brands out there. When hoverboard brands started being recalled because of their likelihood of catching fire, Swagtron was one of the first manufacturers to make an explosion-proof model. Below are the specifications of the Swagtron hoverboards.


These are among the safest self-balancing scooters on the market. With so many incidents of hoverboards catching fire, you’ll want a model like Swagtron that guarantees 100% safety. All their scooters are UL 2272-certified. Swagtron has also incorporated additional safety mechanisms such as the Battery management system (BMS), Stop Safe technology and flame-resistant frame.

The Swagtron T-Series

Since its establishment in 2015, Swagtron has invented an array of hoverboards that include the T1, T3, T5, T6 and T8 series. Keep in mind that some of these features are not available in all the models.

App Control

If you want a hoverboard that has excellent Bluetooth and app connectivity, you should go for Swagtron T3 or T580 or T6 models. This feature makes them unique and one that many hoverboard riders enjoy. All you need to do is to connect the device via the Swagtron app, and you can perform a range of functions such as playing songs, pausing, adjusting the volume, all while riding your hoverboard.

Built-in carry strap

One factor that discourages consumers from purchasing a hoverboard is the fact that they’re bulky. Thankfully, some Swagtron hoverboards come with a carrying handle, which makes it convenient to carry them around. This feature comes in handy when your hoverboard runs out of battery along the way, and you’re forced to carry the scooter home.

LED lighting

If the only time you have to ride your hoverboard is in the early morning or late in the evening, you’ll appreciate the LED headlights fitted in the Swagtron T-series. These lighting fixtures illuminate your path while also making your presence known to other motorists.

Weight Capacity

Most Swagtron hoverboards have a wide range of load capacities averaging to 260 pounds. However, there are other models such as the Swagtron T6 model, whose maximum weight capacity is 420 pounds, which is the best hoverboard for heavy people.

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