Megawheels TW01 6.5"Hoverboard ReviewFinding the perfect hoverboard is often a troubling quest for the proper features, speed, and power. Some of us, though, just want something that accomplishes the basics and works well. MegaWheels has the pragmatic consumer in mind with their entrance into the hoverboard foray. If you’re shopping for the essential and important features, the MegaWheels TW01 hoverboard is ideal for you.

Who needs pretty lights and music when the most important factors for a hoverboard are a solid design, safety, and functionality? If you are interested in saving the head-turning for when you are actually riding your board and not from random bystanders MegaWheels needs a moment of your time. With a really nice price around $179 and a quality build maybe this could be how you slay the final boss.

Fundamentally Focused

While many hoverboards focus on specific extras to catch your eye MegaWheels instead aims to bring you an excellent level of quality for your purchase. From the smooth lines and glossy yet not flamboyant coloring, you get the type of style that people respect instead of envy. That might not appeal to everyone, but when it is backed up by some clever intentional design it is at least worth a nice long look.

Features of the MegaWheels TW01 Hoverboard

Quality Silent Motors

While two 250 watt motors are pretty standard for hoverboards in the lower price range, MegaWheels went a bit further than most of the competition. Capable of reaching up to 8.5 miles per hour depending on your weight the torque is pretty solid. An average size user around 150 lbs, though, will have to settle for around 7.5 miles per hour.

The unique aspect of these motors, however, is their brushless design. This allows the motor to create less friction for a smoother run that is also quieter. This, in turn, makes the MegaWheels TW01 more efficient reducing the power required to run.

Multicolored Lighting

Megawheels TW01 6.5" UL-2722 Certified Bluetooth HoverboardWhile it might not be as garish as other hoverboards lighting setups, you do still have the lights to ride in the dark. A three-color alternating sequence gives you the visibility you need to warn people at night. It is somewhat reminiscent of Christmas lights or the lighting you might see in a club.

Decent Battery Life

With an extra efficient motor, you would think that this hoverboard could run circles around the competition when it comes to battery life. This isn’t the case however as on a full charge you get around 9 miles of run time.

The two to three hour charge time doesn’t necessarily help this either though that is pretty standard. I can only guess that the efficiency flows into different aspects of the design most likely higher quality materials.

High-Quality Wheels and Base

Speaking of which, the build quality of the MegaWheels TW01 hoverboard is outstanding especially when you consider its price. From the footpads to the wheels every aspect of this hoverboard follows solid design principles.

The rubber tires have a nice texture to give the 6.5-inch wheels solid grip on a large variety of terrain. Going up slanted surfaces up to 30 degrees is not too much of an issue here. A large alloy wheel boss gives them the strength to provide great support. While many hoverboards max out around 220 pounds, this one is capable of reaching up to 242 pounds.

Self-Balancing Awesomeness

While it might not teach you exactly how to ride there is a bit of built-in safety with its balancing ability. Smart technology is interlaced with this hoverboard to help you maintain your balance. Sensors will react to your movement so you can get used to riding comfortably.

Safety Support

Safety is a large concern for most hoverboard manufacturers, however, MegaWheels took it the extra mile with their model. Taking the bar and raising it higher. If your technology protecting you is important to look no further.

UL-2722 Safety Certified

Megawheel TW01 Hoverboard with 6.5-inch WheelsFirst, they made sure that their hoverboard passes the UL 2722 certification so they wouldn’t have to deal with an overheating, or melting product. This is a rigorous group of tests created to ensure consumer safety with the new technology.

Going the Extra Mile

A built-in weight sensor allows this hoverboard to detect when a rider steps on along with the ability to tell if someone or something is under a certain weight and limit its capabilities to compensate. This speed limiting extends to keep you safe.

When your speed is over 12 kilometers an hour the pedal will raise itself to prevent further acceleration to avoid accidents. Say your kid is going downhill on the hoverboard, this will ensure your kid won’t end up losing control of the hoverboard.

An anti-skid function is used to make it so the MegaWheels TW01 hoverboard does not slip out from under you when you attempt to mount it. If the body tilts over 45 degrees the motor will stop rotating to prevent harm as well.

Intelligent Power Control

The safety features extend to the power as well to make sure you are well aware of when your session is coming to an end. At 15% power, an audible sound is created to let you know you are running low along with a battery indicator light.

Following that, at 3% the hoverboards front pedal will gradually descend until it automatically brings itself to a stop. Finally, for the power finale if this hoverboard is not in use for two minutes it will automatically place itself in sleep mode to conserve power.

Conclusion: Very Safe Low-Cost Hoverboard

MegaWheels Hoverboard With Anti-Skid FunctionalityWith a strong build and intuitive design features the fact that you can find the MegaWheels TW01 for around $179 makes it a bit of a steal. A superb model if you are trying to purchase for a kid who is prone to injury.

On the other hand, all of the safety features and hand-holding might not be right for someone who is confident in their abilities and wants a hoverboard that can really let loose. It is hard to make everyone happy though this hoverboard should thrill cautious parents.

While it doesn’t teach you how to ride, all of the features combine to put less stress on the user. A great buy for anyone who is looking for a really well-built hoverboard that also has their back.

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