EPIKGO Classic Off Road Hoverboard for All TerrainThe EPIKGO Classic Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board is a self-balance, all-terrain hoverboard that has received worldwide popularity mainly for its powerful features, superior performance, and high safety ratings. The off road hoverboard has a solid construction and is made out of very durable building materials and therefore gives a very good lasting. It is further enhanced by dual motors that offer easy navigation even over rough terrains. Naturally, it is highly recommended for those who are looking for a high quality product, but at an affordable price.

Features of the EPIKGO Classic

  • It’s highly powerful motors make it possible to climb even the steepest inclination without losing balance.
  • Both the wheels are powered by 400 watt motors. This makes the EPIKGO Classic self balancing scooter 80 per cent more functional and powerful as compared to the other hoverboard models.
  • 400 watts is double the power required for a common place hoverboard and this also implies that the EPIKGO Classic offers twice the power of an average hoverboard during the execution.
  • The wheels for EPIKGO Classic are made out from solid rubber which gives it an additional edge, thus making it suitable to be used on all types of terrain.
  • The wheels are 8.5 inches large and therefore ride very smoothly over the uneven surfaces. The riders can switch on road and off road without any inconvenience.
  • The hoverboard has an IP56 waterproof certification. The electrical components of the board are not affected when the board comes in direct contact with water. Therefore, it can also be used during the rainy weather.
  • The board also holds UL2272 and IP54 certification.
  • The hoverboard is tested by the military under all sorts of riding conditions and declared as water resistant as well as semi submersible.
  • While an average board can only reach speeds of upto 8 MPH, the EPIKGO Classic can easily go as fast as 10 MPH.
  • Since it is a self balancing scooter, people of all ages and experiences can ride it with much ease.

Compare with the other EPIKGO Scooters

EPIKGO Off Road Hoverboard Comparison

EPIKGO has four main hoverboards of which two are for Sport and two are for terrain usage. The Classic is best compared to the Premier, which is an upgraded version of the Classic. Differences are that the classic does not accelerate as fast thus making it hard for it to climb higher than 15 degree slopes. It does not come with in-built speakers either and also the battery is a little bit smaller. The price difference is several hundred dollars, though. If you want an affordable solution without going all in, you will be happy by settling for the Classic. It is still an ace machine – one of the best on the market in fact. However, if you’d like to opt for the absolute pinnacle type of product, you are better suited with the EPIKGO Premier off road hoverboard for all terrain.

Closer Look at the EPIKGO Classic Off Road Hoverboard

  • The hoverboard has a great aesthetic appeal which makes using it all the more fun. It comes in an exciting color palette and everything from the wheels to the pedals are smartly designed.
  • The hoverboard only takes one hour to get fully charged.
  • The recommended climbing inclination is 18 degrees. However, you will find it quite easy to go over lower curbs at a faster speed.
  • The hoverboard is embedded with multiple bright lights which makes it look slick and also provide additional safety while riding.
  • The light on the front side is bright enough to light up the pavement while riding in the dark.
  • The light at the back is also bright enough and can be used as a turning signal to alert the pedestrians or the cyclists behind you.
  • The scooter comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.
  • The hoverboard has a maximum weight limit of 260 lbs.


  • It has steel wheel covers which protect the wheels against damage and corrosion
  • It also has an ABS base cover which increases the strength and sturdiness of the board
  • The LED lights embedded into the hoverboard increase the safety and convenience while riding in low light conditions
  • The LED lights are bright enough to light the way in the dark
  • One charge offers enough power to ride at a speed of upto 10 MPH, continuously for an hour
  • Unlike other models which have motors placed inside the wheels, the EPIKGO Classic has wheels placed inside the board itself which increase the space as well as the stability
  • The board can handle all sorts of terrain including mud, gravel, sand and even grass. It can even be used during the rain
  • The board has a high rating on everything from its powerful motors to the UL certified battery
  • The larger board surface makes it possible to ride difficult terrains with much greater ease and stability
  • The off road hoverboard is very versatile and hence perfect for the active riders who are constantly switching riding areas
  • With the speed of 10 MPH, it is faster than most other hoverboards in the market
  • The self balance feature works extremely well in all terrains
  • The board does not get damaged or affected when used over mud or puddles. The certification categorizes it as semi submersible meaning that it can even be used under partially submerged conditions.
  • The components used in the hoverboard are very tough and also very safe. This makes the hoverboard much more durable as compared to its competitors.
  • In any case, the hover board is safe from fire and electrical hazards


  • The wheels used in the hover board are quite large. This can displace the center of gravity to a higher level, thus making it difficult to maintain stability. The hoverboard is therefore not very ideal for beginners
  • It weighs a total of 30 pounds, which is in fact quite heavier than an average hover board. Carrying it around may therefore not be very convenient. It can be even more problematic if you get stranded on the way with no charge.
  • Due to the heavy weight, the board is not ideal for young children
  • The off road hoverboard does not have a battery indicator to help keep a check on the battery level. This can make it quite inconvenient, especially during longer rides

Conclusion – Lots of Hoverbang for your Buck

The product is very versatile and a great value for money. It has an innovative feature that makes it all the more functional. Unlike other boards which are most suited to pavements, this one provides good stability over all types of terrain. Also, it is a self-balancing scooter and therefore much safer than the average ones. Being water resistant and semi submersible, it can even be used during rough weather conditions. The charging speed and battery retention are also quite impressive. One single charge can last you up to 1 hour at full speed. Apart from that, the board has a great aesthetic appeal and is embedded with LED lights at the front as well as the back. This is the perfect mix between value for price and quality. We highly vouch for the EPIKGO Classic

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