Best Hoverboard Under $200: Ultimate Entry-Level Hoverboard Guide

Updated April 2019

Top Speed
Top Speed
7.5 MPH
8-12 Miles
Weight Limit
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 220 Lbs
Top Speed
8.7 MPH
10 Miles
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 220 Lbs
Top Speed
8.5 MPH
8 Miles
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 260 Lbs
Top Speed
7.5 MPH
9 Miles
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 240 Lbs
Top Speed
7.5 MPH
7.5 Miles
Weight Limit
44 Lbs - 220 Lbs

The Ressurection of the Hoverboard

Today, we’ll help you pick the best hoverboard under $200. Don’t worry, won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get in on the trend.

Best Hoverboard Under $200If you want a hoverboard that goes for less than $200, your range of options is infinite. Since their invention in 2015, the prices of these trendy gadgets have reduced significantly.

The $200 electric self-balancing scooters were all the rage when they first came into the market.

Unfortunately, people soon discovered that most cheaply priced hoverboards were poorly crafted using inferior materials and batteries prone to overheating and causing fires.

This is what caused mistrust of the hoverboard invention on the whole, and it resulted in a massive drop in their sales during 2015. Renowned retailers including Amazon banned the sale of self-balancing scooters on their website for a long period.

In 2016, things started looking better for hoverboard manufacturers thanks to the introduction of UL2272 hoverboard certification. This caused hoverboards to be subjected to stringent standards before they could be deemed safe for use. Although this was good news for hoverboard fans, it also caused their prices to soar for a while.

But in the present day, there are tons of hoverboards that are UL-certified, which means you can find several high-quality models for under $200.

Top Picks: Hoverboard Under $200

Overall Winner: GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard

GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard in Galaxy Design

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If you consider riding, a fun way to travel, the Gotrax Hoverfly is a cheap hoverboard that has all the bells and whistles you’d find in high-end models. For starters, it has a stylish design. It comes in a range of stellar colors including Planetary blue, pulsar pink, and Neptune blue.

Another outstanding feature of Gotrax Hoverfly entails the smooth, versatile rides that it offers. More specifically, this hoverboard employs gyroscopic technology, allowing users to navigate, accelerate and stop the gadget by merely shifting their direction.

With this self-balancing scooter, you’ll be capable of moving forward, backward, spinning in circles and changing direction by controlling the movement of your feet.

A Versatile Experience with the Essentials Covered

One other feature that contributes to the versatility of this device entails the sensors and electric motors incorporated in the wheels. These components provide you with the required tilt and speed. When it’s charged, Gotrax Hoverfly can travel at a maximum speed of 7.4 mph for up to 12 miles. Another feature contributing to the speed of this hoverboard is the dual 250-watt motors, which provide high-speed torque to enable you to conquer any terrain.

We also like that this self-balancing electric scooter comes with different riding modes. If you’re a beginner, you should use the training mode, which is tailored for inexperienced users. This particular setting places a restriction on your speed and range, enabling you to maneuver terrains safely and easily.

If there is one thing that every hoverboard should have then it’s the UL-certification. As expected from top hoverboard brands, the Gotrax Hoverfly comes with UL2272 certification. It means that its charging systems, electric components, and battery have been subjected to rigorous tests and deemed safe.

For the enhanced safety of the riders, Gotrax has incorporated other features such as rubber bumpers LED light, an auto shutdown feature and slip-resistant foot platforms.

This model does not have Bluetooth speakers so if that’s something you’re on the hunt for, you should go with another model.

Best for Easy Portability: Levit8ion ION

Levit8ion ION 6.5" Hoverboard

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If you’re looking for a portable hoverboard, the Levit8ion ION is the most recommended. It’s also one of the top cheap hoverboards, promising a ton of features for a small price.

By now, you understand that one of the key things to consider when purchasing a self-balancing scooter is safety. In the case of this hoverboard, the deck has undergone more than 159 tests and passed them with flying colors; hence, being given the legislative stamp of approval.

If you still have doubts about the safety of this hoverboard, then consider this: it uses a Samsung battery. Samsung is a well-known electronics brand that is praised for its quality and safety. What’s more, this battery is removable.

So, if you want to ride for long distances, you can purchase an extra battery and take it with you. When the current one runs low, just remove and replace it with the brand new one.

Durability and Mobility is Key

The crowning glory of the Levit8ion hoverboard is its durability. The chassis of the board is crafted from finest aluminum. It means that you can ride it on any terrain without having to worry about it getting damaged. This aluminum construction also makes it the lightest model on the market, a factor that enhances its portability. Another reason that makes the Levit8ion hoverboard easily portable is the handle, which has a very comfortable texture.

The 7.5-inch tires are made of rubber. Levit8ion alleges that these rubber tires have been tested on different surfaces. If you factor in the 200-watt dual motors, this hoverboard can easily conquer any terrain.

If used in ideal conditions, Levit8ion can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h. This models also boasts an impressive range of 20 miles. If you add an additional quality battery to the picture, you’re looking at a hoverboard that can travel 40 miles.

Are you a rider who likes to keep tabs on your tabs as you travel? Then you’ll be pleased with the LCD display integrated into this hoverboard. The display showcases your speed, range and other stats as you cruise around. Another plus of this model is the KNOWHEEL PLUS app, which is so far one of the most user-friendly mobile apps. We can liken this app to having a mini-computer in the palm of your hand. The app has GPS tracking systems and so much more.

Best for Heavier Riders: MegaWheels TW01 6.5″ Hoverboard

Megawheels TW01 6.5"Hoverboard Review

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Although the Levit8ion hoverboard is brimming with incredible features, it’s only suitable for riders weighing 220 lbs. Like so many other models, this hoverboard has a limited weight capacity.

This is where the MegaWheels self-balancing scooter gets ahead of the curve. Featuring a weight capacity of 242 lbs, the hoverboard can be ridden by heavier users.

Another area where this hoverboard scores highly is in terms of power. The hoverboard uses 2 powerful 250-watt motors, which is better than most brands. Overall, this hoverboard boasts refined technology that provides you a pretty smooth ride.

What’s more, the MegaWheels hoverboard has undergone multiple tests so as not to leave anything to chance. The UL 2272 certification is proof of how durable and safe the hoverboard is.

A Powerful Board with a Sturdy Build

MegaWheels is a company that has won the hearts of many consumers not just in the U.S. but also worldwide. This firms, which also makes electric scooters and electric skateboards is known for being reliable. It explains why they offer a 1-year warranty on this hoverboard. And although this is not the longest warranty, it’s much better than brands that only offer a few months.

With this hoverboard, you get to choose from a range of colors. It comes in red, blue, black and white colors to suit every rider’s tastes. MegaWheels hoverboards also have a stylish design that makes it stand out from the rest.

Thanks to its reinforced chassis and durable shell, MegaWheels hoverboard is described as being an indestructible hoverboard. What this means is that it will perform well for years to come. In spite of packing plenty of power under the hood, the hoverboard has a maximum speed of 7.5 mph. On the brighter side, it’s capable of inclines up to 25 degrees.

Fastest: Hoverheart 6.5″ Hoverboard

Hoverheart 6.5-inch Hoverboard Review

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For those shopping on a tight budget, the Hoverheart model has earned the Fastest hoverboard award. The speed of this hoverboard is between 6 and 10 miles per hour with a maximum range of 10 miles.

While most cheap hoverboards can only travel at top speeds of 7.5 miles per hour, this one reaches 10 mph. Its maximum range is about 12 miles.

Conquers any Obstacle

Hoverheart also boasts 6.5-inch alloy wheels that are coated using solid rubber tires. This feature prevents you from having to deal with punctures and tire pressures. If you’d like a hoverboard that can be ridden on and off the road, the Hoverheart fits that bill. Its manufacturers claim that the hoverboard can handle a variety of surfaces.

Apart from rough terrains, the Hoverheart hoverboard can also be ridden in dark conditions. It has a ton of extra LEDs, which extend all the way to the top of the wheels. The LEDs will illuminate your path while also increasing your visibility to other motorists.

Another feature the manufacturer paid special attention to is the design. Hoverheart hoverboard will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. And the best part is that it comes in a variety of chrome finishes – black, white, pink, chrome gold, red, blue, Chrome Turquoise and violet.

Most Features: TOMOLOO Q2

TOMOLOO Q2 Hoverboard Review

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The TOMOLOO Q2 hoverboard has been getting a lot of attention recently. This is not just because it’s cheap but also because it’s a powerful model.

Most of the cheap hoverboards in our review use between 200 and 250-watt  dual motors. This model follows troop with 500 watts of motor power in total.

A Diverse Experience with Lots of Value

More to that, the TOMOLOO Q2 hoverboard is UL-2272 Certified. It’s also been approved by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a U.S.-based organization tasked with ensuring that all consumer products are safe.

One of the reasons why we recommend this hoverboard is its impressive 12-mile range. It means that you can ride for 12 miles without having to recharge the battery. Plus, it only takes about two hours to charge.

The hoverboard comes with eight board lights; 4 at the front and 4 on the rear section making your ride both seamless and safe. You even have the freedom to adjust the light’s color and effects.

The TOMOLOO Q2 also comes with Bluetooth capability, a feature that you’re not likely to find in other hoverboards under $200. By syncing your hoverboard to a mobile app, you’ll be able to control certain settings such as speed and steering.

Buying Considerations: Entry-Level Hoverboards

When purchasing an entry-level hoverboard, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind.

Safety First

As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest concerns among users of the self-balancing scooters is the likelihood of catching fire while they’re being ridden or charged. Underwriters Laboratory, otherwise known as UL, is a global organization that determines whether a product or gadget is safe to use. As such, any hoverboard you purchase needs to be UL-certified. More specifically, you should check whether the self-balancing scooter has UL2272 certification, which determines the safety of electrical systems on a hoverboard.

Even though most fire accidents associated with hoverboards could be traced back to mistakes their manufacturers made, some problems were caused by people using them incorrectly. For instance, individuals leaving these electric scooters unattended while they were charging or overcharging by leaving them plugged in all night long. So, even if your hoverboard is UL certified, you still need to be cautious when using it.

Consider the rider’s Skill Level

Even if your 4-year old knows how to zip around in the kid-friendly Neon Flash scooter, this does not guarantee that he can ride a hoverboard. In fact, hoverboards are not designed for little kids. These gadgets can go really fast, some models at up to 15 miles per hour. Now imagine that your child is traveling at this speed and then he happens to hit an obstacle. This could be catastrophic and your child may sustain severe injuries.

If you examine most self-balancing scooters, you will notice that they are recommended for children aged 12 years and above. It explains why many manufacturers spend the first few pages of their manuals highlighting the potential hazards these hoverboards can cause to the uninitiated.

Similarly, hoverboards are not recommended for the husky, that is, people weighing more than 200 pounds. Some self-balancing scooters cannot support such weight capacities. Even if you’re able to hop on a hoverboard and ride it for a few meters, your weight will limit your range and speed.

Build quality

If you’re purchasing your hoverboard from online retailers, it might be difficult to get a sense of how well the gadget is made. One thing you may have noted is that these tools feature a ton of differences in how they’re built. This includes the frame, housing material, plastic versus metallic wheels, not to mention the intricacies of the motors, sensors and other internal elements.

Before placing your order for the hoverboard, it’s advisable to go through customer reviews. This is the best way of knowing whether the hoverboard truly performs as advertised or whether it comes with low-quality batteries that only last a few hours. Whenever possible, be sure to read as many customer reviews as you can.

Also, if you can, pick a U.S.-based hoverboard brand. This is because such self-balancing scooters are subject to state and federal laws. These manufacturers also have a higher likelihood of providing warranties and customer support. Retailers such as Amazon offer very generous return policies.

Charging Time

Another aspect you should examine is the charging time of your hoverboard. The batteries are the foundation of self-balancing scooters. They determine just how fast your hoverboard can go. They also have an impact on the weight of your hoverboard. Charging times are also a key factor to consider. Some hoverboards require a huge chunk of time to charge.

Speed and range

When it comes to speed, most hoverboard models offer the same speed range. Hoverboards designed for kids have slow speeds of about 2 miles per hour. However, advanced users can ride on hoverboards with faster speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.

Unlike speed, determining the range of your hoverboard is a bit complicated. Several factors come into play here: the kind of terrain, inclination, speed and rider’s weight. The majority of hoverboards promise a couple of hours, that is if you’re riding at a speed of 10 or 15 mph. However, high-end models like Swagway boast a 20-mile range.


If you’ll be using your hoverboard every other day, then you’ll want to check how much it weighs before purchasing. A good number of them weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. For the average adult, this is a pretty manageable load. However, if you are riding for a long time or carrying it over a long distance, it might be too bulky.

Legal Gray Area

As surprising as it might be, some states have laws that forbid using any vehicles and unlicensed vehicles on sidewalks and in the streets. Put simply; riding hoverboards is considered illegal in some parts of the world. Some of these areas include New York City, where people found riding on the streets are charged fines of up to $200.

Similarly, London has a hard policy against using electric vehicles, which was introduced with the invention of the Segway. So before you start showcasing your hoverboard to the world, check with your local police department and find out whether there are any laws concerning the use of self-balancing scooters.

Safety Tips for Beginners

Hospital ERs are presented with accident cases associated with using hoverboards every other day. Many riders have at one point suffered some type of hoverboard-related injury ranging from scrapes to contusions, fractures, sprains, head injuries and more.

Considering that they reach top speeds of 12.5 mph, you need to be very careful when riding them. Follow these tips for a responsible and fun riding experience. As a beginner hoverboard user, take your time and be open to learning new things.

Stick to proper charging habits

A grand mistake that beginner hoverboard owners make is to assume that they can leave these devices charging the way they would with their smartphones or iPads. There are two key things to keep in mind whenever you’re charging your self-balancing scooter.

One, never overcharge the battery. Two, don’t leave your hoverboard charging overnight. Most of these hoverboards come with prescribed charging times. If not, they’ll have battery level indicators to notify you when they’re fully charged. When charging your hoverboard, remove any flammable items in its vicinity.

Although the batteries are fitted with overcharging protection features, it’s still vital that you follow proper charging habits. The risk that comes with charging this device unattended is not worth taking. Besides, hoverboards only take about 2 or 3 hours to charge fully.

Practice is Key

Another thing you should never do is to ride at top speed immediately you take it out of the box. Before going downtown to show off your new self-balancing scooter, take a few minutes or hours, learning its intricacies and practicing how to ride it.

Thankfully, a majority of them come fitted with learning modes to train new beginners on how to use them. One rule of thumb when riding your hoverboard is to maintain your balance and posture. You may not manage to do this right off the bat but with a couple of practice sessions, you’ll have gained these skills.

Also, it’s crucial that you wear safety gear. Although it’s not mandatory, it prevents you from sustaining injuries in case you fall. For instance, a helmet will prevent severe injury to your head while knee guards protect your knees.

Know your Terrains

You have the liberty to ride your hoverboard anywhere you want. However, it’s not advisable to ride in areas that experience heavy traffic.

If you intend to ride your hoverboard on the streets, then you should first confirm whether they’re allowed. In areas such as Australia and the United Kingdom, riding a hoverboard on public roads or sidewalks is prohibited. You will also come across a number of malls schools that do not allow hoverboards.

Another aspect to take into account is the type of terrain you want to ride on. You shouldn’t take your hoverboard for a spin on uneven surfaces.

Unless your self-balancing scooter is designed to handle such terrains, you’re likely to fall. But if you have to ride in such areas, then start by getting a model tailored for such. One distinct feature of hoverboards made to handle harsh surfaces is that they have pneumatic tires instead of rubber ones.

Bottom Line: Best Under $200

The market for hoverboards around the $200 mark is pretty big, with some brands offering a ton of features at such a decent pricing.

But, paying for such entry-level self-balancing scooters means considering what matters to you most. The reason for this is that they may not have all the features that you’re likely to find in high-end models.

However, with the myriad of options available on the market, you are bound to find one that suits your preference.

So, which hoverboard should I purchase?

The GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO takes the prize as the greatst choice under $200. Overall, you get the most for your money with this hoverboard, especially when taking safety into account.

If you’re looking for a lightweight self-balancing scooter, your best bet is the Levit8ion ION.

For speed, the winner is the Hoverheart 6.5″ hoverboard. You get a lightweight, powerful solution without burning a deep hole in your pocket. With that said, you might want to consider if speed is even your thing. Also, the differences in top speed are minimal from the other hoverboards.

If you are a tech geek who loves lots of features and customization options, the TOMOLOO Q2 is your soulmate. The TOMOLOO smartphone app is incredible – you won’t regret getting this hoverboard.

For the heavier riders, we recommend opting for the MegaWheels TW01. It supports a higher maximum weight and it doesn’t suffer from it in any way.

Final Words

We hope you found your match! We’ve decided what we think is the greatest option under $200 – the rest is up to you.

If you have some leftover cash from your purchase, we highly recommend looking into getting a hoverkart. Since you’ve saved some money by getting an entry-level hoverboard, you shouldn’t be guilty about getting one of these. They’re lots of fun!

Nothing left to say – make your mind and get rolling!

Ready to spend a little more than $200? Check out the best hoverboards instead!

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