Are you having issues with a hoverboard that you can’t fix on your own? You’re in luck! In this guide, you’ll learn all about hoverboard repair shops. You’ll be back and rolling in one time without emptying your pocket.

Best Cheap Hoverboard Repair ShopsHoverboards have gradually grown into the next generations’ solution to simple walking, just a few years after coming in as the new, coolest trend in modern transport. It’s almost a decade ago when everyone whizzed around on roller blades and low-sketch skateboards before the hoverboard brought the 80s and 90s sci-fi into reality – hovering.

Though hoverboards, self-balancing boards, Segways or mini-Segways – whatever you call them, are in constant demand in Canada and USA, the question always comes down to which hoverboard repair shop has got the right professional expertise to fix faulty hoverboards?

Let the Professionals do it

You may have spoken to a couple of friends about hoverboard repair hoping to get a real solution or tried sending it back to the manufacturers, but you still don’t get the right way out.

Well, this takes me 2 years back when I got my first hoverboard.

I have been using my hoverboard on sidewalks and to get around my two-floor office. Rather than walking to meetings, bathroom, kitchen, and my colleagues’ desks, I’ve exclusively been using my Segway for at least 80% of my indoor and outdoor movements.

Though I’ve had to abandon my hoverboard in some instances, like during my office/home trips or when taking the stairs, I never go a day without using it. My friends have nicknamed me ‘Rodney’ after John Rodney Mullen, the Godfather of Street Skateboarding. I might be so good at hoverboarding.

Through my hovering experience, I have learned several things ranging from balancing, awkward social interactions to issues dealing with technical hitches and repairs.

Well, about the hitches and repairs.

It all started when my hoverboard started turning off by itself and it at times threw me off at random.

I managed to repair a few hitches here and there, till it came to a point when I needed professional help. My 4-year-old son, Tommy, went playing with daddy’s new ‘toy’ around the house and the only thing I remember is my wife telling me the hoverboard is broken in half.

It was totally wrecked and I couldn’t turn it on. My efforts to repair it proved futile as I ended up spoiling it completely. That’s when I went out looking for a professional hoverboard repair shop.

Should I try to fix my hoverboard myself?

For an ordinary consumer, finding the best hoverboard repair shop in the current industry can be a bit challenging, considering how illustrious and popular hoverboarding has become. Hoverboards come from different companies and in different models to ensure the customers have a variety to choose from.

This means if you can repair a particular model it doesn’t imply that you could easily repair all types of hoverboards.

Well, as much as I could understand the mechanism that works behind hoverboards, thanks to networking knowledge, I still got to a point where I needed professional help to fix some hitches.

In the beginning, I would just read the user manual carefully to get some important tips on troubleshooting common problems, get some DIY steps on fixing hoverboards online and use my networking knowledge to handle a few things such as fixing the common red light issue, trying the old-rice trick, and changing the wheels and battery, among other minor issues.

Unfortunately, I never realized that my inadequate repair expertise was destroying my ‘wheels’ further. I only learned of this when it started overheating and had a series of problems that were only solved at a professional repair shop after it snapped in half.

Why should I choose a hoverboard repair shop?

Here are some of the benefits of visiting a professional hoverboard repair shop for all fixes.

Similar to most appliances (PCs and other electronic devices), hoverboards can be extremely dubious to repair, especially when that they have internal issues expecting you to dismantle the whole system. Therefore, it is important that you seek the assistance of professional repair shops because they have the right expertise to restore your hoverboard in its original shape with the best functionality that goes beyond your imagination.

It’s Convenient

We mostly hire professionals where there are serious issues that we can’t handle on our own. Experts can easily identify the source of the problems, thus saving time and money – convenience.

Convenience is one of the primary benefits why you should be using hoverboard repair shops. For instance, if your hoverboard develops any problem you could actually take it to the shop for the right diagnosis.  Once the expert(s) has run the diagnosis and identified the problem, they will use the right equipment and skills to restore its original shape.

At the end of it all, you’ll rest easy knowing your device is in safe hands and all the issues are well taken care of before you have it back within the shortest time possible.

Ensures Safety Requirements are met

Through professional repair shops, you will be sure that your hoverboard is safe and every repair will be done in your presence.  Moreover, they fully understand everything they do and you will be assured of great and quality services.

Repair vs. Supplant

Chris, one of my hovering friends is today counting his losses after several attempts to repair several hoverboards by himself. He has ended up buying two hoverboards in a span of 6 months after spoiling the respective predecessors using his inadequate repair skills.

Thanks to his unfortunate experience, I’ve learned how it’s less expensive to use a professional repair service than supplanting it with another one. However, if the repair cost over-weighs the advantages, the experts will also advise you on what to do.

Fast & Local Services

Whenever you call or take your hoverboard to a repair shop, you will actually get efficient and speedier services. I found a professional team ready and willing to serve me beyond my expectations. With them, I didn’t have to wait for weeks for my hoverboard to be fixed. And that’s why I believe these services comes in handy every time you need to use your faulty machine soon.

Efficient for Maintenance and Service Warranties

The amount of hoverboard repair service I got from the shop I visited is simply unbelievable. They were knowledgeable and ensured my hoverboard is maintained from time to time for optimum functionality and longevity.

In short, their reputable professional service offered me a service warranty. When an issue arises again, they allow me to send it back at a discount or free service depending on the issue.

And with all that said, you should have now known why you need to take your faulty machine to professionals repair shops rather than fixing it yourself.

Though you may feel a bit adventurous and ready to learn something new, the right level of skill and expertise needed is usually greater than what you have. Remember when I told you my networking background couldn’t help.

And for an industry that is gradually seeing these service coming up, you just need to fully know what you want and what to look for in a repair shop. You’ll need to ensure that whatever service the shop offers is actually worth your money.

In my case, StreetSaw worked for me. This is one repair shop I can trust to get the job done right. They are very easy and understanding, besides being professional, friendly and credible.

The Best Hoverboard Repair Shop – StreetSaw

StreetSawIs your hoverboard in need of repair? Could it be broken? Is one side not moving? Or is the hoverboard beeping continuously and won’t turn off? The red light won’t go off? Are all the lights functioning properly? Are you finding it difficult to balance because of some hitches?

Well, all the hitches will be easily repaired by StreetSaw service technicians.

StreetSaw has got several years of experience in the business and you can count on them when it comes to professional hoverboard repairs, accessories, and sales. The StreetSaw guys pretty much have all the hoverboard accessories and replacement parts you could imagine. They even have a totally ace hoverkart attachment available. They are dedicated to empowering hoverboard owners and saving them from insane repair costs and shipping fees for something that can be fixed in the shortest time possible at pocket-friendly fees.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for technical hoverboard repair services or you aren’t comfortable fitting hoverboard parts yourself, StreetSaw got you covered. They work on most brands and models, and will always find a convenient solution for any problem.

Just send you hoverboard and they will fit brand new parts, bringing it back to its original shape.

How does their Hoverboard Repair Service work?

  1. Purchase the service by placing an order. Simply add the service to your cart and checkout.
  2. Print out your service order receipt, sign the bottom and place it inside your hoverboard box.
  3. You will then mail the box to them with the receipt included. Remember to keep a copy of the receipt.
  4. Once they receive the package (hoverboard), they will match it up to the repair order based on the included repair receipt, and fix it accordingly.
  5. Once it’s repaired and tested, they will send it back to you. Every repair should reinstate your hoverboard to its original shape.

Packaging and Sending the Order

StreetSaw’s management recommends that you use the original box that the hoverboard came in when shipping it to them. But if you can’t find the original box, pack the hoverboard at least 2-inches from the box’s wall using a bubble wrap to keep in position (firmly) so that it doesn’t come loose.  This makes sure your hoverboard reaches its destination safely.

You’ll also need to pay attention to your town’s shipping regulations. For instance, you have to take out the battery from the hoverboard before you send it to us. Most shipping agencies won’t accept an appliance with batteries.

Repair Services

StreetSaw is well-served with technicians, specializing in different departments to ensure all your worries are addressed since several things can go wrong with your hoverboard. They repair everything that is mechanically incorrect with your hoverboard.

Example of Hoverboards issues they fix:

  1. Hoverboard won’t balance at all or on one side.
  2. Blinking red light stuck on the hoverboard.
  3. Hoverboard won’t charge. For example, the charger has the green light but hoverboard is dead.
  4. Hoverboard won’t turn on.
  5. It won’t won’t turn off
  6. Hoverboard has broken in half.
  7. Hoverboard with broken LED light.
  8. The blue light won’t go off.
  9. Hoverboard won’t stay charged.
  10. The device jumping, throwing you off randomly.
  11. Hoverboard Foot-Pad won’t recognize feet.
  12. Water damaged hoverboards
  13. Hoverboard tire won’t balance
  14. Body and Frame repairs, only those whose parts can be found.
  15. A broken charge on board.
  16. Broken O-Ring.


StreetSaw has made it clear that their flat rate hoverboard repair service doesn’t cover aesthetics such as marks, scratches, stickers, rub, etc. Besides, they only handle certain levels of water damages.

And if you’re worried about the supported models and perhaps what they may not repair, the good news is that StreetSaw can fix most types of hoverboards with a wide range of unlimited options. It is a professional workshop with all the relevant contacts, making it your top repair shop with the necessary accessories and expertise.

They can also deem you hoverboard irreparable if it doesn’t meet the industry’s repair standards. So please avoid repairing your hoverboard by yourself because you may end up damaging it further and repair shops may deem it irreparable.

The Repair Process

Their repair service is detailed and worth your money. Once they have received your faulty hoverboard, they’ll first inspect the packaging to note any shipping damages and how you packaged it. They then carefully open the package (box) to find the signed order receipt. Once they know the particular problem(s), they’ll perform a comprehensive diagnosis to identify the problems (including the ones you’ve identified plus others that you may not have recognized).

After the diagnosis, they will check if the needed parts are in stock. If everything required is available the repair will commence immediately with all the relevant departments involved. After the repair, the hoverboard is tested to ensure it’s in good shape, carefully packaged in the same box it came in and shipped back to you.

Their repair process is conducted professionally with the right machinery and skills. If the needed parts are not in stock, they will be ordered.

The DIY Corner – Costumer Bonus

StreetSaw has a special segment on their website where they offer customers special DIY tips to manage minor hitches. These include DIY tips on how to:

  1. Stop the hoverboard from throwing you off.
  2. Fix flat tires
  3. Fix Bluetooth and remote control
  4. Change motors/wheels
  5. Save water damaged hoverboards
  6. Fix broken frame
  7. Change the battery
  8. Fix red flashing light.
  9. Change the charger port
  10. Fix/reset unbalanced ride.
  11. Change balance sensor.
  12. Fix shaky hoverboards.
  13. Fix hoverboard that won’t turn off, etc.

Without any doubts, StreetSaw is here to give the best professional hoverboard repair solution for generations.

Simply visit them for more information on their amazing services.

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