Where do they Sell HoverboardsYou might be wondering: “Where do they sell hoverboards?” That’s the million dollar question we’ll be answering today.

As you’ll grow to know, there are hundreds of stores that sell self-balancing scooters. Some of them are good, some are bad. We’ve helped you sort the good from the bad. The stores mentioned below are all well-renounced in the field and provide excellent support. Even better, they have some of the most competitive prices on the market.

List of the Best Hoverboard Stores

1. Amazon.com

We all know Amazon. We’ve all used it. Most of us probably use it on a regular basis. Amazon is one of the best stores for buying hoverboards. The variety is terrific, and the prices are low. You get the option to purchase protection plans with your hoverboard along with reading lots of feedback and ratings from previous product buyers. Reading feedback is a sure-fire way to finding the best hoverboard for your needs. The best hoverboard you can get on Amazon at the moment is the TOMOLOO V2 Eagle, which is currently the highest ranking hoverboard on the market.

2. StreetSaw.com

One of the best hoverboard manufacturers is StreetSaw. Their brand of self-balancing scooters is widely acknowledged due to their fantastic quality and great pricing. The StreetSaw hoverboards are not available on Amazon; hence you’ll have to use their website to get their excellent boards. You’ll often find huge discounts and coupon codes on the site, saving you loads of money.

If you’re going to get a hoverboard outside Amazon, we highly recommend using StreetSaw.com. Their support is second to none and their boards or some of the safest on the market. Additionally, their FutureSaw Pro Edition hoverboard is the fastest hoverboard on the market.

3. HaloBoard.com

Another manufacturer of hoverboards is HaloBoard. Like StreetSaw, they have their own site, packed with awesome hoverboards. HaloBoard is the company behind the popular Halo Rover, often referred to as the best off-road hoverboard ever. You’ll be able to make a scoop using their regular hoverboard deals and coupons. Headquartered in Los Angeles, you can expect day-to-day shipping across the entire US.

Always Buy Online!

Woman buying online with credit cardSo, where do they sell hoverboards in the physical? Well, many physical shops have hoverboards for sale. However, we highly recommend buying your hoverboard online. First, the selection is more prominent. Second, the prices are lower. You get fast delivery and great support as well.

The self-balancing scooters available are often cheaply built models from unreliable brands. These brands might launch a few hoverboard products as part of a much bigger selection of toys. The problem with this is that they’re most likely just building a few hoverboards without dedicating very much to it. You’re going to get a mediocre hoverboard that won’t last long, and the product will become outdated when the manufacturer finds a new trend to follow. When it does get obsolete, they’ll probably also stop fixing your self-balancing scooter, if you experience any issues.

Another critical point here is the fact that you can find lots of unbiased reviews on sites like Amazon. If you went to your local store, the sales assistant would surely tell you how incredible a hoverboard was without being constructive. After all, they just want to sell. On the internet, you can see hundreds of customers reviews for just about any popular hoverboard. Use this to your advantage instead of listening to a sales pitch in your local store.

Where do they sell Hoverboards near me?

If you really want to opt for a physical store, we’re not going to stop you. One store that you can be sure has a decent variety of self-balancing scooters is Best Buy. You should be able to get decent hoverboards at fair prices here. As we mentioned before, we do recommend you purchase your hoverboard online. Buying online is exceptionally straightforward, and the rates are lower.

That’s if for now, boys and girls. I hope you learned something from reading this post. I also hope I convinced you to buy online through one of the stores mentioned above. It’s so much more comfortable, and the support you’ll get is often way better. Nothing more to say than get out there and have fun!

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