Hoverboard for sale that worksYou might be of the idea that hoverboards are inconsistent, unreliable and poorly built. Maybe you’ve heard about hoverboards catching fire or even exploding. You’re probably concerned about all these statements, but in this post, we’ll help you find a hoverboard for sale that works 100%.

We always think safety and getting a durable product that works is the number one concern. The list of our top picks below reflects that. You’re ensured to get a hoverboard for sale that works to its full extent by choosing either of the ones below.

Top Picks: Hoverboard for Sale that Works

Below are our top picks along with their most important specifications. Hopefully, you’ll find a hoverboard for sale that works for you below.

HoverboardTop SpeedMile RangeUL-2272Rating 
Halo Rover12 MPH12 MilesYes4.7/5Buy on Official Website
TOMOLOO V2 Eagle12 MPH12 MilesYes4.7/5Buy on Amazon
EPIKGO Premier12 MPH12 MilesYes4.1/5Buy on Amazon
SWAGTRON T610 MPH10 MilesYes4/5Buy on Amazon

The Story behind Hoverboards Catching Fire

A few years back, the hoverboard market when through a storm of angry parents. There were reports all over the US of hoverboards catching fire and even exploding. The issue was mainly due to an unregulated market where cheap, mass-produced hoverboards – especially from China – were sold all over the US. The cheap batteries installed opposed a danger due to regular malfunctions.

Naturally, this led to severe criticism, and everybody knew regulations had to be made. Thankfully, the CPSC introduced the UL-2272 hoverboard certification. This certificate meant that all parents could now safely buy a quality hoverboard without worrying about the previous dangers. For a hoverboard to gain the UL-2272 certification, it needs to meet a set of strict requirements that ensure the safety of its rider.

Today, buying hoverboards has become perfectly safe. Look for the UL-2272 certification when purchasing a board. If it isn’t there, skip it and go for another board.

What makes a Self-Balancing Scooter Durable?

Several factors play an essential role in the durability of a hoverboard and its safety.

The Battery is Key to a Safe Ride

The most important factor is the battery. Hoverboards previously caught fire due to standard lithium-ion cells that weren’t tested thoroughly. Now, lithium is a liquid that is highly flammable. Obviously, this doesn’t go very well in hand with a hoverboard motor up to with up to 800 watts of power. You’ll most likely bump into a thing or two on the road, and if the cheap battery is stressed too much, it might not hold thus breaking, creating a perilous situation.

Make sure the battery is UL-2272 certified so you don’t get any nasty surprises that could potentially harm you.

Quality Materials ensure a Quality Hoverboard

Hoverboards are bound to go under a lot of stress – especially the more prominent models that can go off-road. Sadly, some of the cheaper models aren’t built to handle that type of pressure. Due to poor choice of materials and bad design, some boards could stop working way too soon. If the build is terrible, shaky roads and sharp corners might mess with the internal hardware, causing irreversible damage to the board. Heck, even a hit on a plastic wheel guard might cause it to break off and ultimately expose the wheel.

Aluminum is a material you want your hoverboard to consist off. It is perfect for hoverboards due to being both sturdy and light-weight. It won’t affect your riding experience, and it’ll be able to sustain most hits and obstacles. If you want a hoverboard for sale that works – and that’ll work for a long time – go ahead and get a board with sturdy materials.

Make sure it fits your Weight

All hoverboards have a weight limit. This limit is of utmost importance for a durable and safe ride. If you’re not substantial enough to ride the specific board, either you’ll be on a very crazy journey, or the self-balancing scooter won’t activate at all. Some kids hoverboards have a lower weight limit if needed.

At the other end of the scale, if you’re too heavy for a hoverboard, it might not be able to handle all of the external stress. Maybe it won’t be an issue today, but long term the self-balancing scooter will sustain damage.

Most hoverboards have weight limits ranging from 44 lbs to 260 lbs. There are electric scooters that break that scale, though.

We hope you became smarter and maybe even found the right hoverboard for your needs in this article. Stay safe and don’t be afraid to pay a few extra bucks for a board that’ll hold a lot longer.

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