Sadly the GT Hover GT8 hoverboard is not available anymore. Instead, we recommend the Halo Rover hoverboard.

GT Hover GT8 Off Road Hoverboard for All TerrainThe GT Hover GT8 comes from a California based GT Hover, a sports hoverboard brand. This new release by the brand is almost a remake of the EPIKGO Sports Series. However, the new product has edgier features with a modern twist. The first noticeable thing is the design itself. The GT Hover GT8 comes in an appealing design in a range of bold color palette and has 8.5” alloy wheels. You also get this off-road hoverboard in metallic gold, silver, and jet black body with cool wheel colors like red, blue and black.

The hoverboard not only gives you a comfortable ride but also allows you to ride in style. With a speed of 12 miles per hour, you can pull off any stunt with it. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest hoverboards in the market. Where an average hoverboard is powered by 200 Watts, the GT Hover GT8 is powered by 800 Watts. This makes it quite sturdy and easily capable of tackling even the most challenging and terrible roads.

It is an all-terrain hoverboard, and with its 8.5-inch wheels, it can quickly climb over the obstacles lying on the road without tripping or making the ride too bumpy. The best part, however, is that it can pair with a mobile app and connect to your handheld device. This allows you to make various controls directly from your phone and thus make the navigation smoother. This app is available for download and is very easy to configure and use.

Features of the GT Hover GT8 Off Road Hoverboard

  • There are not many hoverboards in the market to give this speedster a good competition. It can touch speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, thus increasing the thrill of riding by a significant degree. However, if you are taking a long journey, going at slightly lower speeds would be much more helpful in conserving the battery.
  • One full charge will allow you to cover a distance of 10 miles at 12 MPH. At lower speeds, the battery can easily last for around 2 hours
  • The hoverboard uses a fast charging technology and takes only a maximum of 2 hours to get fully charged
  • When it comes to design, the board shares a remarkable resemblance to the EPIKGO sports series. It has aluminum braces to protect the tires and is embedded with LED lights both at the front and at the rear
  • The LED lights significantly enhance the overall appeal of the hoverboard, making them look very modern and also futuristic to some extent. However, they also serve another vital function. These LED lights are quite bright and can light the way up during low light condition. It makes the board easily visible, thus increasing your safety while riding among the pedestrians and the cyclists. The rear lights can also be used to give turning signals.

What makes the GT8 the Perfect All-Terrain Hoverboard

  • The off-road hoverboard has a built-in speaker which can be connected to the androids and iOS phones through the GT Hover app
  • GT Hover No-fall technologyThis app takes care of multiple functions, allowing you to control power, speed, steering sensitivity, music streaming, LED lights and even choosing between the different riding modes
  • There are mainly three different riding modes – the normal, advanced and learning mode. This gives an edge to the hoverboards, making it a perfect pick for amateurs and professionals alike.
  • The hoverboard can be incessantly switched between the smooth paved roads and rough paths. It offers the same consistency in both the cases and allows you to ride smoothly without losing the balance
  • The off-road hoverboard uses never-flat tires, which means you do not have to go around pumping air all the time
  • The GT8 board has highly functional brakes that help you make abrupt stops, thus preventing accidents. They also have premium quality tires that offer superior traction and grip. This makes it possible to use the hoverboard on wet roads without the risk of tire slippage.
  • The hoverboard is enhanced with NO FALL technology, which means the board balances itself for you when you lose control, thus reducing your chances of falling. This makes the hoverboard ideal for amateurs.
  • Unlike an average board which can only be used on flat roads, this one can also do easy uphill climbs at an inclination of up to 20 degrees without losing the stability or stressing the components too much

A closer look at the hoverboard

  • The GT8 off-road hoverboard comes with a carry case, thus making it easier to carry them around. This also makes the storage a lot more convenient. Both the UL qualifies batteries, and the charger is also included with the package
  • The 800 motor used in the board derives its power through Li-ion batteries. These batteries are UL2271 certified and therefore are not susceptible to overheating or electrical hazards
  • It holds UL2272 certification, which is an assurance for the safety standards during the ride. The UL-2272 accreditation is also indicative of the fact that the hoverboard has passed several tests, including the overcharged test, over-discharged trial, the circuit test, shock test, vibration test, crash test and drop test among others.
  • The other tests include temperature test, imbalanced charging test, dielectric voltage test, isolation resistance test, mold stress test, water exposer test, label performance test, thermal cycling test, flame resistance test, motor overload test, and strain relief test
  • The board is water resistant and meets the IPX4 standards. This means that the board can be confidently used even during the rains. The water will not damage the body or cause circuit breakdowns.
  • The board comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The off-road hoverboard can be used on all types of terrain
  • The GT8 can be used during the rain
  • It has a self-balancing, no-fall technology
  • It can go up to speeds of 12 mphGT Hover Mobile App
  • Has a high durability
  • Comes with an app with lots of fresh features
  • Advanced Bluetooth speakers are installed into the board
  • Never flat tires with superior traction


  • The off-road hoverboard is quite expensive

Conclusion – Premium High-Speed Hoverboard packed with Power

The GT Hover GT8 is a tough hoverboard built with premium materials and hold various safety certifications. It charges very quickly and one full charge can last for 2 hours of continuous use. It also has Bluetooth speakers to increase the overall riding experience. With its no fall technology, the board can be used by people of all experience levels. It indeed comes a bit pricey but is every bit worth the price.


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