Sadly the EPIKGO Sport Plus is not available on Amazon anymore. We recommend taking a look at the Halo Rover hoverboard instead.

EPIKGO Sport Plus High Speed On- & Off-Road HoverboardThe EPIKGO Sport Plus has a smart and sporty look. This off-road hoverboard has many innovative new features that are set to take rising to an all new experience. It looks quite edgy at first glance itself and carries far greater appeal than most of its competitors. The hoverboard is, therefore, more popular mainly among the young riders. Despite its sleek design and more considerable attention to a flashy design, the hoverboard is no less in the performance area. It is very versatile and also carries a very high safety rating.

Features of the EPIKGO Sport Plus

  • The EPIKGO Sport Plus has some of the features directly inherited from its earlier predecessors the Classic and Sport. The gyroscopic technology, which is used in both of these products, is featured in the Sport Plus as well.
  • On a comparative basis, the EPIKGO is way more innovative and smarter than its earlier counterparts. It looks sleeker and more stylish while also providing a compelling performance
  • The hoverboard is made using the finest quality materials. This makes the hoverboard very tough and durable. The body is scratch, heat and water resistant and therefore gives a very long lasting
  • The safety standards of the EPIKGO Sport Plus are backed by certification. The hoverboard has been put to almost 159 tests concerning the safety regulations as per the rules of the government. It has passed all the tests the safety standards and detection of potential fire dangers.
  • The EPIKGO Sport Plus off road hoverboard is UL2272 certified. The batteries used in it also hold safety certification. There are protected against overheating and potential electrical hazards.
  • Unlike most other hoverboards, the Epikgo Sport Plus can be used in the sun and the rain. It has an entirely waterproof body, and the electrical components do not get damaged by coming into direct contact with water. The hoverboard can provide excellent resistance to water even when used in semi-submerged conditions. This quickly gives it an edge over other hoverboards in the market.
  • The hoverboard has also been subjected to various tests to determine its potential negative impacts on the environment. It has been named as an eco-friendly model that can facilitate travel without posing any threat to the environment.

Comparing with the other EPIKGO Scooters

EPIKGO Off Road Hoverboard Comparison

The EPIKGO hoverboards come in two types. The Classic and Premier models – built for a little rougher terrain – and the Sport and Sport Plus for performance. Both classes serve well for terrain use, but if you intend on using your hoverboard a lot in cityscapes, the performance boards are the way to go. The difference is mainly in the wheels. They have less drip but har built better for high-speed travel. With that said, they can still handle some off-road action.

Comparing the Sport and Sport Plus, we clearly have a winner. The Sport Plus has slightly better acceleration as well as a more efficient battery. This means that you can travel a few extra miles per charge. On top of that, it can also climb slopes that are way steeper than what the Sport model can conquer. Lastly, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy yourself some music on the go. So for the extra couple hundred bucks, you get yourself a more powerful and durable machine with Bluetooth speakers. These are the significant differences.

What makes the EPIKGO Sport Plus The Best Hoverboard

  • The hoverboard has a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs. This weight allows it to maintain optimum stability. However, it works equally well with smaller weight like 40 lbs.EPIKGO Sport Plus - The Fastest Hoverboard
  • The hoverboard is powered by 800 watts dual motors. It has highly powerful motors which can drive the hoverboard through any riding surface and obstacles lying on the path.
  • It has an enhanced power back up feature making it more reliable during the long journeys.
  • The entire body is made up of polycarbonate which makes it quite sturdy and well protected against physical stress. This makes the hoverboard one of the safest options among the self-balancing scooters available in the market.
  • It has the IP56-certification for water resistance.
  • The battery is covered by multiple layers to protect against any¬†electrical hazard. This effective battery management system makes sure that no damaging elements come in direct contact with the face of the battery.
  • The batteries used in the hoverboard have good power retention and are designed to stay put even as the ride gets rough. In addition to being covered by multiple layers, the battery is also carefully monitored so that any changes in the voltage or the rise and fall of the charge can be quickly identified and taken care of.
  • The board is so designed that the batteries are automatically cut off power on getting fully charged. This keeps them from getting and therefore prolongs the battery life.

An in-depth look at the Balance Board

  • The battery level in the hoverboard is displayed through LED light embedded into its body.
  • The batteries use a fast charging technology.
  • It is highly upgraded with newer sporty features like the gear attachments which comes handy while controlling speed and making sharp turns. This allows the riders to have better control over their movements.
  • The hoverboard is powerful enough to make uphill glides on slopes with an inclination of up to 30 degrees.
  • The wheels offer excellent traction and grip irrespective of the surface you are riding on.
  • The self-balancing scooter can withstand rough weather conditions.
  • The hoverboard can travel at a maximum speed of 12 MPH.
  • There are Bluetooth speakers installed into the body which can be directly connected to your handheld device, through this, you can play your favorite music while still riding.
  • The EPIKGO Sport Plus off-road hoverboard is enhanced with 8.5-inch streamlined wheels.
  • The hoverboard offers excellent stability. It is, therefore, the perfect pick for riders of all ages. It may be great, especially for beginners.
  • The EPIKGO Sport Plus comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The batteries have good power retention
  • The board has stronger motors that can tackle any terrain and weather
  • The EPIKGO Sport Plus uses UL certified batteries
  • Highly water resistant. The board can even be used in the rain.Ultimate Comfort Hoverboard
  • The board can easily do a steep 30 degrees uphill climb
  • The batteries get charged very fast, hence making your ride all the more convenient


  • There are no multiple speed settings, which is mainly useful for beginners and amateurs

Conclusion – Best of the Best, Fastest of the Fastest

EPIKGO Sport Plus is one of the most potent and versatile hoverboards. With its powerful motor, it can efficiently tackle rough terrain and steep uphill climbs. The stability is excellent irrespective of the size or body weight of the rider. With its high safety rating, the hoverboard is not just limited to recreation but can be used for transport as well. The top battery security and enhanced power retention make it especially great for solo travelers.

The off-road hoverboard has also been certified for the safety standards and water resistance. Then there are system indicators that help you keep track of the battery levels. With all its attractive features and eye-catching design, this hoverboard is ideal for beginners as well as professionals.

If you are looking for the absolute best and fastest high-end hoverboard for transport, look no further. EPIKGO Sport Plus is the very best travel hoverboard you can aqquire. Its performance is incredible and entirely unlike its competitors. If you want nothing but the best, treat yourself to the fantastic EPIKGO Sport Plus.


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