Halo Rover off road hoverboard for all terrainThe Halo Rover off road hoverboard is one of those few brands which ensure highest standards when it comes to the performance, safety, and quality. Their Halo Rover Hoverboard has been designed to meet the various needs of the riders and pays very close attention to detail. The built quality and the maneuverability of the product have even helped it to bag the tag of the best hoverboard in 2017. Moreover, amateur as well as professional riders have recommended the Halo Rover as a good product that one can easily trust. This review will be based on the important specification and features of the hoverboard along with the pros and cons of the product.

Hoverboards may be very simple and minimal riding options. However, the thrill of riding they provide is incomparable. The many innovative new additions to hoverboards have broken to their limitation to recreation alone. Rather, people have already started to mark hoverboards as a much viable option for short distance transport as well. Their relatively smaller size may, however, give rise to a number of concerns about the balance and safety while riding. There are only a few companies that have really addressed these concerns, which is the very reason why you may want to be picky while choosing your brand.

Features of the Halo Rover Off Road Hoverboard

  • The hoverboards have been designed in the United States by very qualified professionals. The design places a very high weightage on the safety.
  • It has been approved by the US government for the UL certification. This ensures that the Halo Rover all-terrain does not get unnecessarily heated or face an abrupt malfunction irrespective of how long you have been using it.
  • The hoverboard is powered by LG batteries which are cleared for all types of fire hazards.
  • It’s all terrain efficiency makes the Halo Rover quite unlike most other hoverboards available in the market. The Halo Rover is an exception and can be used over all types of surfaces including the muddy terrains, sand, snow, streets and gravel. With this Halo Rover hoverboard, smooth rides are not just limited to the sidewalks. It is a great hoverboard for all terrain.
  • The hoverboard uses 8.8. inch tires which can easily climb over obstacles on the road, thus giving you an outstandingly smooth ride irrespective of where you are using ride. With this hoverboard, bumpy rides are a thing of the past. It can even be used over wet terrains with the same efficiency.

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What makes the Halo Rover the Best All Terrain Hoverboard

  • The tires are further enhanced with shock absorbents and have an inbuilt stability sensor to provide superior balance under all riding conditions.
  • Halo Rover with UL certified firesafe LG batteriesThe energy efficient design allows you to ride at a speed of up to 10 miles per hour with just one single charge.
  • The design allows you to easily climb with inclinations of 20 degrees without losing balance or causing damage to the off road hoverboard.
  • It remains completely unaffected on coming in direct contact with water. You can very well use it even during the rainy days. The water does not affect its electrical system.
  • It comes with a number of different learning modes that include the normal, advanced and the learning mode. This adjustable setting makes it possible for riders of all experience to use the hoverboards with great convenience and ease.
  • It is fitted with LED lights at the front as well as the back. This provides greater visibility to the pedestrians, cyclists or drivers, especially during the foggy weather and thus, prevents accidents.
  • The board has an aluminum guard over its wheels. Both the wheel guards and the frame are made of top grade aluminum so as to support a powerful ride.
  • Despite its simplistic design, the hoverboard is quite powerful and carries safety certification against electrical failures.

A Closer look at the Hoverboard

  • The lithium ion batteries used in the hoverboard are rechargeable and one single battery charge can last for up to 2 hours of continuous use.
  • The off road hoverboard gives reliable performance while also giving you a fast and efficient ride in all terrain types.
  • It features a built in Bluetooth speaker which can be connected to your handheld device. This will allow you to stream all your favorite music right from the device so that you can enjoy your music wile on the go.
  • It has its own app which can be used for GPS tracking and controlling the power, speed and distance. This makes the Halo Rover Hoverboard more convenient than most other products that are currently trending in the market.
  • The Halo rover app also allows you to check up on the battery status so that you can manage it accordingly. This will save you from getting stranded on the way. This app also allows you to adjust the steering so that you can have a safe ride.
  • The hoverboard comes with its own carry case. Storage is therefore not a problem.

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  • The hover app helps you keep a track of the GPS location
  • You can control the speed and steering right from your mobile phone
  • There is a battery indicator to keep you notified at all times
  • It is made out of high-quality materials making it very durable
  • Some of the best stability sensors on the market
  • It has a very high safety rating
  • The cleanup is very easy
  • In-built bluetooth speakers to blast tunes on the go
  • Extremely high-end LG batteries with great durability
  • Comes with easy to follow riding and charging instructions


  • It is heavy and difficult to carry around

Conclusion – The Best Off Road Hoverboard at its Price

The Halo Rover off road hoverboard is very safe for riders of all experiences. This self-balancing scooter is, therefore, very safe and supports smooth navigation in the both the on road and off road conditions. This scooter also allows you to keep a check on the battery levels and manage the different controls right from your phone. The multiple riding modes and superior traction make it equally ideal for all ages.

Although the off road hoverboard comes with an high price tag, it is every bit worth the price. Compared with other off road hoverboards in this quality class, it is a very fair price. It most closely compares to the EPIKGO Premier model, which a tad more expensive. This takes you far for your money. The Halo Rover is probably the best high-end hoverboard at its price. This is the #1 product we’d recommend you getting.

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