Best Off Road Hoverboard – All-Terrain Hoverboard Reviews

Updated July 2018

Top Speed
Top Speed
12 MPH
12 Miles
32 Lbs
800 Watt
Top Speed
12 MPH
12 Miles
29 Lbs
700 Watt
Top Speed
12 MPH
12 Miles
31 Lbs
800 Watt
Top Speed
10 MPH
10 Miles
31 Lbs
800 Watt
Top Speed
10 MPH
10 Miles
32 Lbs
700 Watt

A New Era for Hoverboards

For the past years, hoverboards have been an evergrowing trend. The boards have evolved from being simple child toys to being all-terrain powerhouses with 10″ wheels. Nowadays, these boards serve multiple purposes. Not only will they make your friends swoon, but they are also convenient for transportation and travel – even off the road! The best off road hoverboard reaches a top speed of 12 MPH while going up to 12 miles on a single charge.

These off-road hoverboards are gaining lots of traction lately. They’re much safer, faster and a lot more durable than the regular boards. Perfect for both adults and children, these hoverboards easily outbattles challenging terrain and steep curves. They’re ideal for transportation as well as for having an absolute blast.

Top Picks: Best Off Road Hoverboard of 2018

1. Halo Rover

Halo Rover off road hoverboard for all terrain

Read the full review here

The Halo Rover is one of the most powerful and well-built off-road hoverboards on the market. Powered by 2x400 watt dual motors, this powerhouse reaches top speeds of 12 MPH while covering a 12-mile range.

Most Important Features

  • The hoverboard design places safety as its first priority. The board has been granted the UL-2272 safety certification.
  • It is designed by highly qualified professionals and is secured against all types of abrupt malfunctions and unnecessary heating
  • The Halo Rover hoverboard is powered by premium LG-batteries ensuring against potential electrical hazards
  • It can be used on all types of terrain including the mud, sand, snow, gravel, and grass. It offers the same efficiency even on wet surfaces. Great stability irrespective of terrain.
  • The Halo Rover has 8.8-inch tires which can easily climb over any obstacles you might face
  • The all-terrain hoverboard has an inbuilt stability sensor and shock absorbent tires for an ultra smooth experience
  • It is highly energy efficient and offers a speed of up to 12 MPH
  • Can cover a range of up to 12 miles
  • Can climb inclinations of up to 20 degrees without losing stability or straining the components

Closer look at the Halo Rover

  • The electrical system doesn’t get affected by contact with water
  • Features three different modes – normal, advanced and learning mode. This makes it ideal for amateurs and professionals alike
  • There are LED lights at the front as well as the back. These lend a very cool effect while riding and also offer greater visibility in the midst of pedestrians and cyclists
  • It has wheels frames made out of top grade aluminum. This gives greater support and durability thus offering a more powerful ride.
  • It has Bluetooth speakers installed into the body. Connect to your phone to stream music while on the move
  • The hoverboard has its own smartphone app. Useful for GPS tracking and controlling settings such as speed, power, and steering.
  • The app also allows you to monitor your battery and this feature can come handy especially during long rides. This way you don’t run out of battery and get stranded in the middle of nowhere
  • Comes with its own carrying case


  • Reliable GPS tracking
  • High top speed of 12 MPH
  • Long range of 12 miles per charge
  • Speed and steering control via app
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Very high safety rating
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Slightly heavy – nothing crazy though

2. TOMOLOO V2 Eagle

TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Off Road Hoverboard

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The TOMOLOO V2 Eagle has taken the market by storm. Though it is a new addition to the already established market, it has already marked its place as the best off road hoverboard. Here’s why.

Most Important Features

  • This off-road hoverboard is powered by two 350-watt motors that can churn out high speeds with ease. It is considered the fastest hoverboard on the market.
  • The TOMOLOO V2 Eagle can be connected to its very own app. The app interface lets you customize the LED headlights, view statistics on the road as well as use GPS. This is one of the best hoverboard apps on the market – easy to use and with annoying bugs or instabilities.
  • Features a power-saver setting in the mobile app to cranking out some extra miles when you need it.
  • The all-terrain hoverboard is 8.5 inches in size. Good size for both adults and children.
  • Has the ability to climb slopes at up to 30 degrees.
  • Geared with Bluetooth 4.1 stereo speakers that provide stereo surround sound.

What Makes the V2 Eagle the Best Off Road Hoverboard

  • The all-terrain hoverboard features double protection. It is UL 2272 certified, and it has a fire-retardance shell, much like on the newer iPhones. It is safe from overheating thus granting you the most reliable ride possible.
  • The board is very light-weight. It only weighs 29 pounds which means it is lighter than all of its competitors. This increases mobility and makes it very portable.
  • Holds up to 265 lbs of weight. This is a lot compared to most other boards.
  • The TOMOLOO V2 Eagle has 8.5″ tires with firm road grip. This makes everything feel smooth and safe when riding.
  • The board is IPX4 waterproof.


  • Speeds of up to 12 Miles per Hour
  • A range of up to 12 Miles per charge
  • A power-saving setting for longer range
  • Extremely Well-built
  • Light-weight board
  • Durable and safe
  • Best price on the market


Well, objectively speaking, we couldn’t find any. This is by far the best off road hoverboard on the market as of now.

TOMOLOO is one of the best hoverboard brands, providing fantastic customer support on amazing products.

3. GT Hover GT8

Most Important Features

  • The off road hoverboard can let you ride at speeds of up to 12 MPH
  • Riding at slightly lower speeds can be much more helpful if you would like to preserve the battery for longer journeys
  • One full charge gives a coverage of 10 miles

    GT Hover GT8 Off Road Hoverboard for All Terrain

    Read full review here

  • The batteries use a full charge technology and only take a maximum of two hours to get fully charged
  • The all-terrain hoverboard has wheels that are protected with aluminum braces
  • There are LED lights embedded into the body which gives it a better visibility in the low light conditions. The lights can also be used as turning signals
  • There are Bluetooth speakers embedded into the body. the speakers can be connected to the Android and iOS phones through Bluetooth which can then be used to directly stream your favorite music while still on the move
  • Upon syncing the hoverboard with the GT Rover app, you will also be able to control the power, speed, LED lights and steering straight through your handheld device
  • There are multiple riding modes including the normal, advanced and learning mode. This makes the hoverboard ideal for users of all experiences

What makes the Hoverboard so Popular

  • It offers the same stability and performance on all terrains. You can incessantly switch it on road and off road without losing the balance
  • The GT Hover GT8 uses never flat tires
  • It can climb slopes with an inclination of up to 30 degrees
  • The off road hoverboard comes together with its own carry case and UL certified batteries and a charger
  • The motors are powered by 800 Watts which makes it far more powerful than an average hoverboard
  • It holds a UL2272 certification as an assurance of safety standards
  • The GT Hover GT8 meets the IPX4 standards for water resistance
  • The hoverboard has been put to various tests including the overcharged test, over discharged test, imbalanced charging test, dielectric voltage test, circuit test, isolation resistance test, motor overload test, strain test, thermal cycling test, mold stress test, temperature test, flame resistance test, shock test, vibration test, crash test and drop test.
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’ warranty


  • High top speed (12 MPH)
  • Also great for on-road
  • Waterproof (can be used in rain)
  • Self-balancing, no-fall technology
  • Highly durable
  • Very powerful motors
  • Never-flat tires


  • A little pricey
  • Slightly heavy

4. EPIKGO Sport Plus

Key Features

  • Epikgo Sport Plus has an edge over other hoverboards as it features both the innovative new features as well as inherit the highly rated features from its predecessors
  • EPIKGO Sport Plus High Speed On- & Off-Road Hoverboard

    Read full review here

    The EPIKGO Sport Plus places a focus on both the design as well as the performance, hence, it looks sleek and stylish while also giving a powerful performance

  • Being made out of premium quality materials, the board gives a good lasting. This off road hoverboard is scratch proof, water as well as heat resistant.
  • The off road hoverboard has been subjected to all the 159 tests as per the safety regulations of the government.
  • It has a UL2272 certification which provides assurance against any potential electrical or nonelectrical hazards. It also has an IP56 certification for water resistance.
  • The batteries use a fast charge technology as only take as little as an hour to get fully charged
  • The hoverboard is semi submergible meaning that the electrical components do not get damaged when the board comes in direct contact with water. The water proof body allows the board to be used in all weather conditions including the sun and the rain.
  • This off road hoverboard has been put to several tests to determine its negative impacts upon the environment. The model is very much eco-friendly as compared to various other models in the market and the threat posed to the environment is minimum

What makes the EPIKGO Sport Plus so Great

  • Both the batteries as well as the charger are UL protected. The batteries are wrapped up in multiple protective layers so as to prevent contact with elements that could possibly lend damage
  • The batteries get automatically cut off from the power source on reaching full charge. This protects the battery against any damage due to overcharging
  • The battery level in the hoverboard is displayed through an LED indicator. Along with this, the rise and fall in the voltage are also closely monitored.
  • The hoverboard can take a maximum weight of 200 lbs but it can also provide a good stability with weight as little as 40 lbs.
  • While an average hoverboard is powered by 200 Watts, the EPIKGO Sport Plus is powered by 400 Watts. Hence, they are also able to offer twice the powerful motors which can easily climb over the obstacles, thus giving superior balance.
  • The off road hoverboard has an enhanced power backing feature. Due to this efficient power retention, the hoverboard becomes more functional during longer journeys.
  • The hoverboard uses polycarbonate as its body casing. This makes it quite sturdy and well protected against scratches and physical stress
  • It has a highly upgraded gear attachment
  • The all-terrain hoverboard can make uphill climb in slopes with an inclination of up to 30 degrees
  • Offers a maximum speed of 12 MPH
  • Have Bluetooth speakers installed into it
  • It has 8.5-inch streamlined wheels
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Great wheel grip
  • Nice battery lifespan
  • Usable in all weather conditions
  • High water resistant
  • Can go steep climbing
  • Fast charging


  • Speed settings not adjustable

5. EPIKGO Classic

Main Features

  • Can carry a maximum weight of 260 lbs
  • Has a highly powerful 400 Watt motor that allows uphill rides without putting an unnecessary strain on the motors. This makes it 80 per cent more functional than an average hoverboard
  • It can be used on all types of terrain

    EPIKGO Classic Off Road Hoverboard for All Terrain

    Read full review here

  • Holds a UL2272 and IP54 certification. This hoverboard is also approved of all the stringent military tests
  • Has an IP56 certification for waterproofing
  • The EPIKGO Classic has a highly water proof body which makes it possible to be used in rainy weather without damaging the electrical circuits
  • Have 8.5-inch wheels with solid rubber tires
  • Offers a maximum speed of 10 MPH
  • It has a great aesthetic appeal and comes in an exciting color palette. This greatly increases the thrill of riding
  • Uses a fast charge technology and takes only 1 hour to get fully charged
  • The EPIKGO Classic has bright LED lights embedded into the body giving it a very cool and futuristic effect
  • Comes with a limited warranty of one year


  • Steel wheel covers
  • LED lights
  • Great stability and durability
  • Up to 10 miles per charge
  • High safety rating
  • Self-balancing assistance feature
  • Semi submersible
  • Premium quality build. Very tough and durable


  • No battery level indicator
  • Somewhat expensive


Important Features

  • SWAGTRON is among the first brands to have received the UL certification for safety. They also include the Sentry Shield battery casing system into all their products. This protects the batteries against overheating and all types of electrical hazards
  • SWAGTRON T6 Off Road Hoverboard for All Terrain Types

    Read full review here

    It has two 10 inch inflatable tires with a very good traction. These anti slip tires offer high efficiency on all road conditions, even over the wet surfaces. The large tires make the ride less bumpy when used off road

  • The tires are made out of rubber and they come with a tread pattern with staggered shoulder blocks
  • The heavy duty tires and the highly durable frame makes it possible for the off road hoverboard to make uphill climbs
  • They can easily tackle and inclination of up to 30 degrees where most other all-terrain hoverboards can only take 20 degrees
  • It has a very high weight capacity of 400 lbs. this is the recommended weight limit. However, they can also work perfectly well with up to 420 lbs
  • The body casing is highly water resistant. No components are damaged even when used during the rains

Closer look at the Board

  • It can offer the highest speed of up to 12 miles per hour
  • A full charge will offer a coverage of 12 miles
  • It has Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to android and iOS for music streaming
  • The SWAGTRON T6 has a tough body made out of poly carbonate and can, therefore, offer high resistance against scratches and fire
  • It has an appealing design with matte finish and comes in an attractive range of colors
  • The SWAGTRON T6 has an improved motor stabilization
  • Wheels are made out of milled aluminum
  • Comes with a carry strap
  • Has a battery level indicator
  • Have LED lights embedded into it
  • Allows you to make sharp turns


  • Very safe for starters
  • Great hoverboard for heavy people
  • Features built-in speakers
  • Lots of adjustable user settings
  • Great for both on-road & off-road usage


  • Wheel guards have no additional protection except for the paint
  • As the battery level decreases, it can affect the stability

Buying Considerations: All-Terrain Hoverboards

The market for hoverboards is growing at high pace making it difficult to pick the right board. Therefore, we have written down the key points to pay attention to when choosing the best off-road hoverboard for you.


Man with Safety EquipmentSafety is always the first concern when buying hoverboards. Since they run on batteries, occasional electrical mishaps are not uncommon. This mainly happens due to faulty lithium-ion batteries used in cheaply made boards which can undergo overheating or even explosion in some cases. Due to this concern, some hoverboards have been pulled off the stocks, which leaves you with the safer ones.

However, before buying an all-terrain hoverboard, make sure that it has been approved of all the necessary legislations and subjected to various tests like the overheating test, overcharged test, and so on. Thankfully, all the boards in this review have been UL-2272 Certified. This means that they’re safe to use. Zero battery concerns whatsoever.

Weight Limit and Coordination

Although there is no bar on who should be allowed to ride an off-road hoverboard, they’re not safe for young children or the elderly. An off-road hoverboard can catch up speeds of up to 12 MPH. Hence, if you fail to maintain good coordination, you could quickly go off stray and end up hitting a sidewalk edge or meeting with unexpected disasters.

When it comes to weight, an average off-road hoverboard can take 200 lbs. However, some hoverboards can support up to 420 pounds without it affecting the stability. An excellent example of this is the SWAGTRON T6 which allows for more than 400 lbs of support. Hence, this is the best off road hoverboard for heavier people. For more info, we got an article on hoverboard weight limits.

Build Quality

The build quality is one of the most important things to look out for when choosing the best off road hoverboard for your needs. The build quality would imply the material used for the frame, housing, and wheels. Metal wheels are always more favorable than plastic wheels and when it comes to the sophistication of the internal components; you should make it a point to learn about the efficiency and durability of the motors, sensors and other electronics.

An off road hoverboard is mostly subjected to rough use. Hence, anti-scratch bodies are ideal. Wheel covers and batteries with higher power retention are also a definite plus. It is best to buy a board from a reputable brand.

The companies reviewed in this post are all well-known for their great support. If you buy from another manufacturer, make sure to do your research. Find out if the manufacturer takes any ownership in case of incorrect claims and whether or not they have functional customer support lines.

Battery & Charging Time

Battery with 40 percentBatteries are the powerhouse of hoverboards. Charging time is therefore of critical importance. The off road hoverboard batteries usually take around 2 to 3 hours to get fully loaded and last for about 2 hours at an optimum speed. They may, however, drain faster if you choose to go at high speed along with the speakers turned on if those are built into your board.

During this time, the LED indicators can come handy. These allow you to keep track of the battery level so that you can manage it accordingly. Some of the boards have helpful smartphone apps that let you keep track of the battery levels as well. A durable and robust battery is crucial when picking the best off road hoverboard.

Speed and Range

An off-road hoverboard can go at different speeds ranging from 2 MPH to 12 MPH. This will also to some extent be decided by the terrain and the weight of the rider.

Currently, the fastest hoverboard has a top speed of 12 MPH. The range will, however, vary depending on how fast the battery is draining. At the moment the best off road hoverboard can cover a range of up to 12 miles if run correctly.

If the hoverboard is for a kid, you might want a board with a lower to speed. As you probably agree with, safety is the first concern for our kids. Our guide on hoverboards for kids will teach you everything you need to know about the topic.

Pro tip: Consider whether you’ll be using the hoverboard for specific routes. Maybe you’ll be using it to and from work – make sure your target location is in range. 


An off-road hoverboard becomes more versatile if you are able to carry it around during your trips. The ones weighing in between 20 to 30 lbs could be ideal for this.

These are strong enough to withstand a significant amount of stress and strain while also not being too heavy. You will also not be compromising on the torque and power. The all-terrain hoverboards that come with their own carry case would be even more convenient.

Legal Concerns

Some areas place a strict band on certain electric rideable irrespective of their size or purpose of use. You should, therefore, check out any possible legislation in the area intended for use. You would not want your board to get confiscated or be slapped with a hefty fine.

Conclusion: Best Off Road Hoverboard 2018

The Halo Rover is the best off-road hoverboard of 2018.

Halo Rover - Best off-road hoverboard of 2018

Read the full review here

The board is extremely well built. It is packed with strength, and all the components are very durable. It is the perfect solution if you want to purchase a high-end all-terrain hoverboard and still get a lot for your money. The Halo Rover has many times been referred to as the best off road hoverboard by reputable sources in the niche.

The Halo Rover hoverboard is one of the safest solutions on the market. It is UL certified and even features additional protection. The board has excellent power retention and comes at a very fair price.

It most closely compares to the Halo Rover which is a more expensive model. With the Eagle, you save yourself lots of money while still getting the best of the best. On top of that, the smartphone app for the Halo Rover also beats the competitors’ apps by miles.

So to conclude, the best off road hoverboard for all types of terrain in 2018 is the Halo Rover. You can purchase it at the lowest price by going to the

official website with the link below.

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